In the latest (and seemingly final) batch of documents dumped on The Pirate Bay bycomputerhacker outfit ‘LulzSec’, afamiliarlooking operating system can be seen in use.

A screenshot included in the file dump named ‘ owned.png’, whichappears to show a hacked resource relating to theUS Navy, shows Firefox running under what looks to be Ubuntu 10.10.

Firefox and Ubuntu used by LulzSec
Note: This image has been cropped to omit personal data (to cover our asses)

The inclusion of the shot doesn’t really mean anything profound. LulzSec, a group with several members, will have also been using Windows and OS X to commit their alleged hacking.

But it’s always interesting to see Ubuntu in use where you don’t expect to see it – even when it’s used for something questionable.

Thanks to lUiGi

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