Earlier this week I posted a status update on our Facebook page asking for our Facebook fans to take a photo of their office computer setup and the coolest five would be featured here.

So, I present the results!

Tim Klein’s office with a view
Mike Rushton’s “you can never have too many computers!” office
Michel Barbagallo’s clean working desk
Bjorn Merfeld’s nice hardwood floor and triple screen setup
Amirul Yeow Farhan “Who said you need a desk? Couches are comfy!”

Congrats to you guys, you’ve got some pretty awesome setups and it’s great to see Ubuntu (and OMG! Ubuntu! open) running on computers all over the world in all sorts of different setups!

All you’re missing now is some Linux-flavoured biscuits and Windows ketchup. I’ll let you make the jokes up…

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