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How To Use the Hidden GNOME Shell Extensions Prefs App

Did you know that GNOME Shell hides a really useful GNOME Extensions configuration app? The gnome-shell-extension-prefs utility lets you configure and tweak preferences of your favourite GNOME extensions without needing to go to the ‘Installed Extensions’ page of the official […]

19 February 2017
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[Quick Tip] Use the Banshee ‘NOT’ Operator for Better Search Results

Hardcore Banshee user Leo McArdle sent in the following handy tip: – “Hey, today I stumbled upon the NOT operator in the search of banshee. For example, if I want to only see tracks without “demo” […]

27 November 2011
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Small Things That Matter: Logging Out of Ubuntu From the Dash

I know it's minor, but I am so pleased to see support for logging out, restarting and shutting down added to the Dash in Ubuntu 11.10.

10 October 2011
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[How to] Fix ‘tinny’ sound quality in Ubuntu on an iMac

Got tinny sound in Ubuntu on your iMac? Here's the (super) quick fix.

4 July 2011
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[How to] Enable DVD Playback in Ubuntu 11.04

Trying to play a DVD in Ubuntu but getting no-where? You probably forgot to enable DVD playback. Here I show you how.

21 June 2011
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‘Bleedingedge’ script lets you quickly add beta software to Ubuntu

Sometimes it seems like there just aren't enough ways to endanger your stable Ubuntu set-up. 'BleedingEdge' is a script that offers up a selection of unstable software to put paid to that.

23 May 2011
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‘YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions’ provides one-click fixes for common Ubuntu issues

Solving minor issues in Ubuntu just got easier with the launch of '?YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions' - a small application that provides one-click 'solutions' for a raft of Ubuntu bugs, flaws and annoyances.

18 May 2011
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[How to] Fix Suspend/Hibernate in Ubuntu 10.10

If suspend and/or hibernate doesn't work for you in Ubuntu the following 'how to' guide may be of use.

10 May 2011
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[How to] Fix the Plymouth boot screen when using proprietary graphics drivers

Using 'proprietary/restricted' drivers for Nvidia and ATI graphics cards often results in a less-than-perfect looking boot screen. Although purely a cosmetic flaw - it doesn't impeded the boot speed or performance - its one that greets you time and time again. Thankfully the script below does, in most cases, 'fix' it.

8 May 2011
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Mimic the look of Ubuntu’s Overlay-scrollbars in Chrome/ium

Chrome/ium doesn't use Ubuntu's new Overlay Scrollbars which is a shame: thy're cute, slim and awesome to use. Whilst we can't enable overlay scrollbars themselves in Chrome/ium we can at least match the look, courtesy of reader Micha R who mailed in just how to do this...

5 May 2011
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[How to] Disable the ‘resize grip’ in Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 saw 'resize grips' introduced to the bottom right corner of GTK+ applications in order to make resizing windows that little bit easier. But not everyone appreciates it. Disabling the grip, whilst costing you a more precise target for resizing, is an easy 'hack' to accomplish.

5 May 2011
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GRUB customizer app makes tweaking your bootloader a breeze

'Grub Customizer' aims to make it a bit easier, providing a graphicl interface for allows for changing/setting various grub2/burg settings.

5 May 2011