Playback of DVDs in Ubuntu 11.04 is not enabled out of the box. Thankfully setting it up takes no time at all.

Have you enabled it? If not you can find out by inserting a DVD into your disc drive/slot and choosing to ‘Play’ it with Ubuntu’s default media player. The following error will greet you: –

Ways to enable DVD playback in Ubuntu


Enabling DVD playback in Ubuntu is simple enough, and there are various ways to do it. Some might say the easiest — as well as the most legally unquestionable — is to purchase the Fluendo DVD Playback software from the Ubuntu Software Centre.


If you’d prefer to spend the Fluendo costs on physical DVDs rather than DVD software, you can enable DVD playback in your faovurite application by installing a package called ‘libdvdcss’.

‘libdvdcss’ is a small library file that accesses DVDs “…like a block device, without having to bother about the decryption.”



After installation has finished you can open your favourite media player and DVD playback will be supported.

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