gnome extensions preferences

Did you know that GNOME Shell hides a really useful GNOME Extensions configuration app?

The gnome-shell-extension-prefs utility lets you configure and tweak preferences of your favourite GNOME extensions without needing to go to the ‘Installed Extensions’ page of the official GNOME Extensions website in a compatible web browser.

Covering the recent Dash to Dock update we learned that not everyone knew that GNOME extension preferences could be tweaked locally. The tool is perfect for anyone who gets  bored of opening a browser whenever they want to turn an extension off or on, or simply adjust its preferences.

Now, when I say the app is hidden what I mean is that it is not easily discoverable. You won’t find an app icon for it in the Activities Overview, nor a menu entry for it in something like the Application Menu extension. Without knowing it exists you probably would never find it at all!

To launch the config tool open a new terminal window (or hit Alt + F2) and run:


To access it more easily in future you could use your favourite menu editor app to create a custom launcher entry for it.

But, if you’re lazy like I am, just launch the utility from the command line and then “pin” it to your favourites in the Dash to Dock app:

A small, but useful tip, for GNOME Shell extension enthusiasts.

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