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How to quickly get your Android phone to show in Banshee, Rhythmbox

My favourite music player, Banshee, didn't recognize my Android phone 'out of the box', despite other Ubuntu apps such as Shotwell and Nautilus, doing so. If you're in the same position you'll want to try this crazy-simple solution that pals Banshee and your handset up in no-time.

12 January 2011
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How to make your favourite GTK+ theme ‘borderless’

We've fallen in love with 'Borderless' Metacity theme mods of late - the elementary example we feature was particularly striking. Rather than wait for your favourite theme maker to add a borderless-variant for you to install why not do it yourself? OMG! Ubuntu! reader zach4618 sent in a super easy guide on how to 'mod' a theme yourself.

9 January 2011
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How to Add a Compiz Expose button to Docky

You want to trigger ‘expose’ in Maverick like you’ve seen in Unity? Dan Rabbit sent me over a mail with a quick ‘how to’ on, well, how to do just that! 1. Install Compiz Config […]

9 January 2011

Latest Ubuntu Tweak stuffed full of new features

Feeling full after xmas? Me too. Time for a post-gluttonous recap on a apps which sneaked out new releases whilst the rest of us where noshing down stodgy cake and irrepressible amounts of mince pies... First up: Ubuntu Tweak.

27 December 2010
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Share any folder on the web in 10 seconds using Nautilus and one script

So you don't want a DropBox and you're not one for Ubuntu One - but you do want to make a folder full of pictures, music or other oddities available to friends on the other side of the world. Using the following python script, created by gnome-look user hardball, you can do just that: share any folder via 'http on port 8000'. You can even share folders 'mounted by gvfs' - such as remote windows folders.

20 December 2010
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Bored of your homepage? Try this bright Ubuntu-ized one instead

Add some oomph to your browsers homepage with this colourful custom Ubuntu-ized landing page.

16 December 2010
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How to easily set the default os in grub

If you're a dual-boot user chances are you've at some stage or another wanted to change the default OS that GRUB chooses to boot into.

10 December 2010
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How to Auto start Gwibber & Empathy

Get Gwibber and Empathy to auto start on login.

3 December 2010
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“Where is this icon?” Nautilus script is incredibly nifty

Many of us keep hold of things we don't need all the time but that tend to come in handy every now and again: Sewing thread, spare fuses, half-full batteries, Benjamin Humphrey... The "Where is this icon?" Nautilus script below is just such an item. Once added to your Nautilus scripts folder you need only right click on an application and run the script it to find out the location of the icon in use.

2 December 2010
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Remove unused entries from the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

You're not a Gwibber fan, Evolution is not your bag and you - this one writes itself folks - have no empathy for Empathy messenger. Here's how to remove these and any other unwanted Messaging Menu entries without destroying half your install.

1 December 2010
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Fix the Pidgin SSL error for good in Ubuntu

Still plagued by the Pidgin MSN error? Fix it for good by upgrading to the latest version of Pidgin.

30 November 2010
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Use Nautilus’ Emblems feature to keep your home folder organised

Nautilus has a little-known feature called emblems which goes underused on the whole. Find out how you can use emblems to enhance your file browsing experience and pretty up Ubuntu even more.

23 November 2010