Solving minor annoyances, frakk ups or 64bit issues in Ubuntu just got super easy thanks to ‘?YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions’ – a small nautilus-script based application that provides one-click ‘solutions’ for a raft of Ubuntu issues.

It helps to think of ‘YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions’ like a torch: you won’t need to use it all the time but the second the power goes out you’ll be really glad you have it.

Not every option is relevant to all users – butthat’sthe beauty of it; by not being a catered to a specific desktopenvironmentor task set it proves to beinvaluable, and for my needs at least, a must-have – utility.

Sitting amongst the nifty solutions/tweaks provided are: –

  • Fix ‘Classic’ GNOME desktop
  • GNOME 3 fixes and uninstall
  • System cleaning
  • Changing root or user password
  • Fixing Flash 64bit issue in Firefox
  • ‘Convert32bit .deb to 64 .deb’ in particular.

And a tonne more.

Download @

You can also see it in action in the video below.

Disclaimer: Users installed 3rd party scripts and applications at their own risk. Whilst we try to ensure applications we feature are safe and non-malicious we can only ‘vouch’ for the version of the application/script featured at the time of writing.

Thanks to SoloDev

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