Using ‘proprietary/restricted’ drivers for Nvidia and ATI graphics cards often results in a less-than-perfect looking boot screen.

Although purely a cosmetic flaw – it doesn’t impeded the boot speed or performance – its one that greets you time and time again. Thankfully thescriptbelow does, in most cases, ‘fix’ it.

‘Fixing’ the Plymouth boot screen in Ubuntu

Open a terminal and enter the following commandsseparately, allowing for each to complete beforeenteringthe next.

  • wget
  • chmod +x fixplymouth
  • ./fixplymouth

This last command will install extra packages should they not aready be installed). You will then need to set your desiredscreen resolution for Plytmouth when prompted.

fix plytmouth screen in ubuntu

For example, my screen size is 1440×900 so I entered: –

  • 1440×900-24

Don’t know your screen resolution? Open the ‘Monitor’ application to find out.

How To plymouth tips