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Become a Natty power-user in no time using this Unity keyboard shortcuts wallpaper

With Unity installed and all set-up (see our list of ten things to do after installing if you're at a loss) it time to get 'comfortable' in your new surroundings. This Unity Shortcuts wallpaper, created by the ace Octavian Damiean, will orientate you to Unity's ways in no time.

29 April 2011
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Run Skype as a daemon and manage it from Empathy or Pidgin in Ubuntu 11.04

Gzap stopped by the OMG! Ubuntu! inbox to drop off a tip that unifies Skype and Empathy; by installing the pidgin-skype plugin from the Ubuntu Software Centre you can manage your Skype contacts from the buddy-list of Ubuntu's default IM client Emapthy.

18 April 2011
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How to add Quicklists for Opera in Unity

Kyle Baker recently posted a short guide on adding Quicklist options to Opera's launcher in Unity, and whilst his guide relates to Opera, the Unity developers have made it an easy enough 'hack' to apply to a variety of applications.

6 April 2011

How to create your own QR Codes in Ubuntu (updated)

QR Codes are nifty time-saving shortcuts; sort of like hyperlinks for the real world. Qrencode is a small command-line utitlity that allows you to create your own QR codes (saved as .png image file) for whatever you like - a blog, a secret message - whatever!

25 March 2011

How to Enable System Tray Applets in Ubuntu 11.04

Can't live without Shutter/Dropbox/Opera/insert-other-app-here sitting in Natty's system panel? Quick fix ahoy.

15 March 2011
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Quick tip: Enable full screen Dash in Ubuntu 11.04 desktop

This tip is solely for Ubuntu 11.04 testers, but it's a dozy worth sharing.

9 March 2011
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Watch embedded Flash videos using Totem

Play embedded flash videos in Firefox with Totem using the 'Flash Video Replacer' add-on.

6 February 2011
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Add a main menu to Docky

Long for a ‘main menu’ on Docky? RishavT has posted a tutorial on for adding just such a tool to the premier Dock on Linux.

3 February 2011
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How to increase the size of Compiz shadows under app windows

Not happy with the default size of the Compiz drop shadows under application windows? Here's how to make them larger.

27 January 2011
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Get random Ubuntu tips on your desktop [App]

Ubuntu Tips Applet shows useful tips with fortunes-Ubuntu-server package using notify. You can see a new tip on-call using the application’s Indicator Applet menu or, for a slightly more spontaneous fun, set a refresh rate […]

26 January 2011
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How to add repositories to Ubuntu from behind a firewall

Having trouble updating Ubuntu at University? MadnessRed has the solution in this guest post.

20 January 2011
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How to Maximise screen space in Ubuntu

Squashed for screen space? Whilst my desktop has 1440x900 glorious pixels to fill my netbook sadly doesn't. As such I tend to run all my apps max­i­mized on my netbook, I noticed that by removing the title bar from app windows could free up some much needed room - but how do you go about doing it?

13 January 2011