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Use the Ubuntu font on any website with a bookmarklet

Force-use Ubuntu’s default font on pretty much any website you wish with this handy bookmarklet - ‘a small computer application, stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser’ - by reader Miguel Fernández.

6 October 2010
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New Ubuntu font meets Android, looks stunning

OMG! Reader Nicholas Ipsen dropped by our inbox earlier today to show us some sweet Ubuntu font action in Android. As you might expect, the new font that Canonical contracted type foundry Dalton Maag to design looks brilliant on Google's mobile operating system. More screenshots after the jump.

5 October 2010
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New Murrine Documentation project will make theme creation easier

Designers Ian ‘Izo’ Cylkowski and Dan Rabbit are to document the myriad of customisation options present in the new 0.98.0 Murrine GTK Engine release. The project aims to provide ‘a comprehensive guide’ for designers and […]

4 October 2010
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Flash videos no longer saved in /tmp directory

Users accustomed to retrieving hard-copies (digital hard copies, that is) of online videos from various flash-using sites  via the /tmp directory may be frustrated to learn that this no longer works. Recent versions of Adobe […]

29 September 2010
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Five Docky tips for docky-diehards

Docky users seeking more control over how their Dock looks, behaves and functions will surely find a treat or two amongst the following five tips.

28 September 2010
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Login to Ubuntu using your face [Updated with PPA]

Facial recognition software may be nothing new but did you know you can use your webcam to log in to your Ubuntu desktop? Logging in to Ubuntu with nothing more than a smile is possible using the pam-face-authentication utility which was specifically designed for regular everyday users to use.

27 September 2010
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Easily Integrate Thunderbird into the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Thunderbird users seeking out native notifications and interactive integration with their Ubuntu desktop need look no further than this neat add-on.

26 September 2010
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Reveal your top ten most used terminal commands

If you're an avid terminal user and ever wondered what commands you use most often then read on to find out how to see your top ten most entered entries!

24 September 2010
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Enable mouse gesture Aero Snap effect in Ubuntu

Enable aero-snap functions in Ubuntu using nothing more than your mouse thanks to this simple tutorial by Misterpah who has kindly let us publish it here. The background After being impressed with gesture-based features in […]

23 September 2010
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Import iTunes ratings in to Rhythmbox

Importing your music collections ratings from iTunes to Rhythmbox is a wheeze using this 'iTunesToRhythm' script by a user called ‘Doug’. Hit up the full article after the jump for a download link and usage instructions.

22 September 2010
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Install a .deb to enable sharp fonts in Ubuntu

Long to have old-skool 'sharp' looking fonts in Ubuntu? Here's a .deb and a how-to!

20 September 2010
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Install 64bit Flash from a PPA or .deb

With Adobe re-starting their 64bit Flash testing, Linux users are once again able to benefit from native flash on their 64bit desktops. Installing it isn’t a great chore, as we outlined previously, but if you’re […]

19 September 2010