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Sync Yahoo calendar with Evolution in Ubuntu

Dexter Jerome Smith sent us the following tutorial for syncing your online Yahoo! calendar with desktop based Evolution.

22 November 2010
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Use Ubuntu mono icons with any icon theme

Keep a mono-styled tray icons but use any theme set of your choice for the rest of your system.

7 November 2010
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Display your real name in MeMenu

Chances are choose an Ubuntu account user name that differs to that of your real name. Usually this presents no problem - apart from with the MeMenu which displays your account name rather than your real name in the panel. Rather humorous for an indicator termed 'me'. Here's how to change.

5 November 2010
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Minimize all windows using the Docky anchor icon

We've covered putting Docky's Anchor icon to good use previously but Owais Lone has gone one better and let us in on how to make clicking the Docky anchor icon minimize all windows...

1 November 2010
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How to get gwibber to use the Ubuntu font

If you're on Maverick (or even if you're not) chances are you're in love with the Ubuntu font and as such want to use it everywhere you possibly can. Gwibber, when using the 'Ubuntu' theme, sadly has ideas of its own but enabling Ubuntu-font usage is no more than a minor-hack away.

31 October 2010
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Enable IMAP push (Gmail) in Evolution

Enable Push Notification support in Evolution and never have to hit the refresh button again.

30 October 2010

Enable the ‘new look’ Ubuntu Wiki

Fed up of the old-look Ubuntu Wiki? Enable the re-branded new style version.

29 October 2010
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Easily get Wine apps to match your GTK theme

Nothing sucks more about running Wine applications in Ubuntu than the visual yell of "HEY! I'M NOT NATIVE!". The following tip is a quick and pain-free way to get Wine apps matching the look of the rest of your desktop.

26 October 2010
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How to add more apps to the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Mario Tomljenović sent us a tip on how to add custom entries to the Ubuntu Messaging Menu. Whilst this method doesn't provide notification support for any added application - which is sort of the point of the Messaging Menu - it's nevertheless an easy way to add an accessible launcher.

14 October 2010
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How to customize the clock applet in Ubuntu

If you're bored with the look of the default date and time applet in Ubuntu why not jazz it up with one of the following themes?

13 October 2010
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Nvidia-96 driver ubuntu 10.10 fix

Ubuntu 10.10 users reliant on the NVidia 96.43.xx driver for enhanced graphics performance may currently be experiencing issues in using or installing the driver.

12 October 2010
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Check if your next computer is Ubuntu compatible

When the fear of hardware incompatibilities puts you off buying a new computer be sure to run your intended purchase through Canonical’s ‘Ubuntu Certification’ website.

7 October 2010