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best gnome extensions for ubuntu

The 15 Best GNOME Shell Extensions for Ubuntu

GNOME extensions are an easy way to add new features to the Ubuntu desktop. In this roundup we list the best GNOME extensions that work with Ubuntu.

21 November 2023

Simple Workspace Switcher Extension for Ubuntu 22.04

So you’re looking for a quick and easy way to change workspaces in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS using nothing but your mouse. You’ll (hopefully) already know you can click on the Activities button in the top […]


Pano Clipboard Manager Now Supports GNOME 45

In the world of Linux clipboard managers few can match the panache of Pano, a GNOME Shell extension I first wrote about last year. Pano offers an interactive, visually-rich dashboard from which to store, search, […]

21 November 2023
system monitor gnome extension 2023

See Real-Time System Resource Usage in Ubuntu’s Top Panel

We’re not short of system monitoring tools for Ubuntu, with an array of desktop apps, extensions, widgets, Conky scripts, and command-line tools readily available to us. But if you’re keen to keep an eye firmly […]

20 November 2023

GSConnect Extension Updated to Support GNOME 45

A new version of GSConnect, the GNOME Shell extension that integrates with KDE Connect, is now available — and it supports GNOME 45. GSConnect bridges the gap between GNOME Shell and an Android device with […]

6 November 2023
ubuntu logo on clouds

Weather or Not Extension Shows Current Temp in Ubuntu Panel

Keeping an eye on current weather conditions is something a lot of us do, and there are ample ways to get real-time weather information on the Ubuntu desktop. The GNOME Weather desktop app (available in […]

5 November 2023
Best Wallpaper Changer for Ubuntu

The Best Wallpaper Changer Extension for Ubuntu

Looking for an easy-to-use desktop wallpaper slideshow tool for Ubuntu? The distro doesn’t have a feature to automatically change the desktop background built-in. And while changing your wallpaper manually isn’t hard, I often suffer choice […]

28 October 2023

My Fave Drop Down Terminal Now Supports Ubuntu 23.04

animated GIF showing the ddterm drop-down terminal extension for GNOME Shell in action

25 September 2023

‘Dark Style’ GNOME Extension for Ubuntu 23.10

In Ubuntu 23.10 the default Yaru theme uses a light style for GNOME Shell elements — but there’s a new GNOME extension that lets you change this without affecting the rest of your desktop. Upstream […]

20 September 2023

Control Nanoleaf Lights on Linux Using a GNOME Extension

Do you own and use Nanoleaf lights and want to control them from your Linux desktop rather than a mobile app? If so, you’re in luck as there’s a plucky little GNOME extension that lets […]

9 September 2023

How to Change the Lock Screen Background in Ubuntu

Want to change the Ubuntu lock screen background shown in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS through to the latest release, Ubuntu 23.10? If so, I’m about to show you how. Here’s the deal: out-of-the-box (this is the […]

7 August 2023

Rename Audio Devices in GNOME’s Quick Settings Sound Menu

Want to rename the audio devices that appear in the Quick Settings menu sound switcher? “No,” will be the answer from most people reading this. But I reckon a few of you will be hollering […]

1 June 2023

How to Hide Audio Devices from GNOME’s Quick Settings

Being able to quickly switch between different audio devices is one of my favourite things about GNOME Shell’s Quick Settings menu. No longer do I have to fire up Settings > Sound to quickly switch […]

24 May 2023