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best gnome extensions for ubuntu

15 Best GNOME Extensions for Ubuntu (2022 Edition)

GNOME extensions are an easy way to add new features to the Ubuntu desktop. In this roundup we list the best GNOME extensions that work with Ubuntu.

21 April 2022

New GNOME Extension Measures How Long Apps Take to Open

Ever wondered how long your favourite apps take to open on Ubuntu? Maybe you’re keen to see if Snap app startup times are as notoriously un-nimble as claimed. And maybe you want to see if […]

24 May 2022
dash to panel

Dash to Panel Adds GNOME 42 Support

The Dash to Panel GNOME extension now supports GNOME 42 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The extension combines top bar and dock into one unified panel.

7 April 2022

‘App Icons Taskbar’ Puts Running Apps in GNOME Shell’s Top Bar

'App Icons Taskbar' is a GNOME extension giving you a single-panel GNOME Shell desktop experience with favourite and running app icons in the top bar.

30 March 2022

‘Extension Manager’ GNOME App Adds New Features, New Icon

An update to Extension Manager, a GTK app for managing, installing, and configuring GNOME extensions on GNOME Shell is rolling out via Flathub.

29 March 2022

Desktop Cube GNOME Extension Now Supports Background Panoramas

Workspace switching just a whole look cooler with the addition of background panoramas to the Compiz-inspired Desktop Cube GNOME extension.

11 March 2022

Use Snaps? You’ll Dig This Nifty GNOME Extension

Speed up your Snap management workflow with this handy applet stuffed with shortcuts. It even lets you pause Snap updates for a specific period.

9 March 2022

Easy Way to Get Semi-Transparent Windows on Ubuntu 21.10

For a quick and easy (if slightly resource intensive) way t get transparent blurred app windows on Ubuntu 21.10 check out this GNOME extension.

5 March 2022
GNOME 40 screenshot of the app launcher

This GNOME Extension Puts Dock Items Back in the App Grid

GNOME 40 users: do you want to see your favourite apps in the application grid again? Well, you can! There is (naturally) a GNOME extension that puts shortcuts for apps added to the dock back […]

1 March 2022

‘Desktop Cube’ GNOME Extension Now Supports Click & Drag Deform

That Desktop Cube GNOME extension now supports click & drag directly on the desktop, just like the original Compiz Cube effect that inspired its creation.

27 February 2022

‘Clipboard History’ is Searchable Clipboard Extension for GNOME Desktops

Clipboard managers are handy, and there are plenty to choose from. A new contender is the performance-minded 'Clipboard History' GNOME extension.

25 February 2022
person using an ubuntu laptop

Check Battery Status on Ubuntu Using This GNOME Extension

Looking for an easy way to get a top-level overview of your laptop’s battery health on Ubuntu? If so, check out Battery Status by Spanish blog Atareao. They’ve created a GNOME extension that reminds me […]

22 February 2022

‘Burn My Windows’ Extension Adds Breaking Glass Effect & More Options

'Burn My Windows' is the GNOME Shell extension that just keeps on giving. New effect and a much-request option included in its latest update.

31 January 2022