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best gnome extensions for ubuntu

15 Best GNOME Extensions for Ubuntu (2022 Edition)

GNOME extensions are an easy way to add new features to the Ubuntu desktop. In this roundup we list the best GNOME extensions that work with Ubuntu.

13 January 2022

alphabetical app grid

Quick Rearrange the GNOME App Launcher into Alphabetical Order

This GNOME extension rearranges the GNOME Shell application grid in alphabetically order, making it easier to find app shortcuts based on their name.

4 hours ago

‘Burn My Windows’ GNOME Extension Adds 3 New Effects & Random Mode

A couple of new Star Trek-esque effects have been added to the ‘Burn my Windows’ GNOME Shell extension. If you’ve not yet heard about this bling-tactic add-on, it animates closing windows (and optionally dialogs) in […]

extension manager thumbnail

This App Makes Installing GNOME Extensions MUCH Easier

Want to install GNOME extensions without using a web browser? Check out the new 'Extension Manager' app. Full details on this super handy tool inside.

12 January 2022
Turn GNOME into Unity desktop

How to Make GNOME Shell Look Like Unity (‘Cos Why Not?!)

Want to make GNOME Shell look like the Unity desktop? If you do, then this guide is for you. Just don’t thank me for what follows. A reader called Alwyn sent the whole run-through to […]

6 January 2022
a mouse pointer

How to Add a ‘Shake to Find Cursor’ Feature to Ubuntu

macOS enlarges the on-screen pointer when you shake your mouse, making it easier to locate the pointer on screen. Now you can get this feature on Ubuntu.

4 January 2022

Epic New Window Closing Effects Available for GNOME Shell

More cool Compiz-inspired effects for your Linux desktop including claw-ripping, tv tune-out, and Matrix-style dissolving. All totally OTT, all super cool.

2 January 2022
the arc menu gnome extension

Arc Menu Extension Adds a New Layout & Standalone Runner Mode

Arc Menu GNOME extension just released a new version. It adds a menu layout inspired by Windows 11 (again), plus a standalone mode. Learn more in this post.

30 December 2021
adjust gaps between snapped windows

‘Useless Gaps’ Adjusts Space Between Snapped Windows in GNOME Shell

Do you want the aesthetics of i3-gaps but without the i3 bit? If so, that’s exactly what the wryly titled ‘Useless Gaps’ GNOME extension gives you. The dev says of their creation that it adds […]

19 December 2021

Add a Cool Falling Snow Effect to the Ubuntu Desktop

Want to add a falling snow effect to your Linux desktop? Of course you don't, but since it's Christmas you should! Inside are two tools you can use.

17 December 2021
fire effect close

How to Enable a Fiery Window Closing Effect on GNOME Shell

First came a GNOME extension reimplementing wobbly windows, then we saw the return of the (very cool) 3D desktop cube effect — now comes the final part of the holy Compiz trinity: window fire. For […]

15 December 2021

Want to Customise the GNOME Shell Clock? Here’s How

We look at various ways to customise the GNOME Shell clock. From showing the date through to creating a 'stacked' layout split across two lines.

11 December 2021
change ubuntu notification position

How to Change Notification Position on Ubuntu with an Extension

If you want to move notifications on Ubuntu to a different part of the screen, you can. We look at three way to change notification position in this post.

9 December 2021