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See Live Cricket Scores on Ubuntu With This Free Tool

Do you want to keep an eye on the latest cricket scores but don't want to use a web browser to do it? You can with Cricket Score Indicator for Ubuntu.

10 September 2015

Add Brightness Control to Ubuntu Desktop With This Handy App

I dual-boot Ubuntu with ChromeOS on one of my Chromebooks but, annoyingly, the brightness controls don't work out of the box. Thankfully there's a super-easy solution.

23 April 2013

Raring Retires System Tray Whitelist

An option allowing applications lacking App Indicator support to show in the system tray has been removed from Ubuntu 13.04.

8 February 2013

Shutter Screenshot App Finally Adds an App Indicator

Screenshot-taking tool Shutter has added support for Ubuntu's Application Indicators in its most recent update.

2 August 2012
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Timezone Sorting Added to Ubuntu 12.10 Clock Applet

A recent update to Ubuntu 12.10 has brought subtle improvements to the default "date and time" applet. The Indicator Datetime menu has supported the listing of "other locations" for several releases, but it's only with this update in Ubuntu 12.10 that an options to choose how they are sorted has been available.

15 July 2012
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New Session Menu Lands in Ubuntu 12.10

A refined, compacted session indicator has landed in Ubuntu 12.10. The new applet merges items from the previously separate User and System menus into one new look, unified drop-down.

11 July 2012

Ubuntu One Indicator Applet Adds New Features

The unofficial - but totally awesome - Ubuntu One Indicator has been updated with a number of nifty new options and improved memory performance. The applet is useful for Ubuntu One users wanting a more detailed look at the status of their Ubuntu One account without having to open the Control panel application.

17 April 2012
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[How to] Never Miss an Ubuntu Notification

Have you ever missed a notification pop-up in Ubuntu? That's where this 'Recent Notifications' applet comes into play. The service it provides is simple enough: it logs all notifications that show up on your screen - whether you act on them or not.

18 March 2012
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Broadcom CrystalHD Indicator Applet for Ubuntu

Broadcom’s cheap and cheerful CrystalHD card, which can found in many netbooks, laptops and desktops, offers real-time hardware-accelerated decoding of HD video content – including HD flash – at up-to 1080p. Broadcom provide a set of […]

24 February 2012
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Easily Monitor System Resources in Ubuntu With Indicator-Multiload

Do you like to keep an eye on system resource usage in Ubuntu? Like many people I only tend to do so when my desktop is grinding to a halt because of a misbehaving app. Because of this I'm sometimes too impatient late to gracefully rectify the situation; my desktop becomes so unresponsive that nothing short of a hard reboot is required inorder to solve the screw up in a timely fashion. But maybe if I kept a cautious eye on hardware usage I would spot rogue apps before they got out of hand. Perhaps by using something like Indicator Multiload: -

8 February 2012
Radiotray 1.7.1 running on Ubuntu 11.10

Panel-Based Linux Radio App ‘RadioTray’ Adds Minor New Features in Update

Tuning into your favourite online radio stations without needing to open a dedicated music application is a breeze using RadioTray. The latest release adds a handful of new features. Read on for more on what's new and the all important download link.

12 December 2011
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[How To] Replace the Blue Vuze Panel Icon With a White One

Bit torrent application Vuze (previously Azureus) is popular with many, but the look of its panel icon in Ubuntu leaves a lot to be desired.

13 June 2011