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Mono icons for Synapse’s new app indicator

In an update to semantic launcher 'Synapse' an indicator-applet landed and, for now at least, it's not optional. So here are 3 ace mono-icons to replace it with.

6 December 2010

StackApplet 1.4 released – great indicator-applet for askUbuntu

Track your StackExchange reputation, get notified of new comments and answers with StackApplet. Works brilliantly with Ask Ubuntu (dot com).

23 November 2010

Pastie – handy clipboard manager indicator applet

Pastie is a small clipboard manager that uses an indicator-applet to display and give access to you clipboard history.

24 October 2010
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Indicator-Workspaces adds options, Maverick PPA plus hints at future features

Indicator-Workspaces now has a working preferences window and a PPA for Maverick users.

18 October 2010
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Indicator-Workspaces updated for Maverick

Upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 and want to install the workspaces indicator applet? Good news - the PPA has been updated to support Maverick.

13 October 2010
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Ubuntu One Indicator Applet gets a PPA

Roman Yepishev's Ubuntu One indicator-applet - a neat way to view and monitor your Ubuntu One accounts' sync status on your desktop panel - is now installable via a dedicated PPA.

12 October 2010
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UbuntuOne-Indicator puts sync status back into view

Roman Yepishev, routinely annoyed by the lack of clear, accessible visual UbuntuOne sync notification, has started work on an indicator-applet for displaying the sync-status of your UbuntuOne account.

8 October 2010

Popper – Feature-filled e-Mail notification applet for Ubuntu

Fed up with service-specific e-mail notification applets/tools for Ubuntu? So is Popper.

23 September 2010
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Control DeaDBeeF from the panel with DeaDIndicatoR

If you’re a user of lightweight minimal music application DeaDBeeF then you may find the following Indicator-Applet useful. Designed specifically for use with DeaDBeeF, Dead-indicator allows you to control and manage track playback quickly and […]

15 September 2010
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Remnants of the Week

All sorts of crazy tips came in over this last week, but rather then send barrages of tiny news, here's the whole group at once!

13 September 2010
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RSS-Aware puts feed updates on your panel (Indicator-RSS anyone?)

Indicator-RSS? Well, almost! RSS-Aware is a panel only indicator-applet for staying up-to-date with the latest updates from your favourite sites. Download instructions, install details & a pretty picture are behind the 'continue reading' button...

9 September 2010
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Compiz-Indicator applet gives you compositing control in a click

There's an indicator for everything - or so it seems. Compiz is the latest application to receive the indicator-applet-ization process, with this neato utility making compositing a cinch. Download, screenshots and obligatory info is just a click a way...

8 September 2010