Tuning into your favourite online radio stations without needing to open a dedicated music application is a breeze using RadioTray.

The application runs directly from your system panel with a menu-only interface. This means not only is is simple to use it’s super-light on system resources too.

Radiotray 1.7.1 running on Ubuntu 11.10

What’s new in the Latest Version?

A new release of Radio Tray popped out a few days back with a handful of great improvements.

Plug-in System has been implemented, with easy-to-diable plugins for applet notifications, GNOME media keys, sleep timer and ‘Song History’ bundled by default.

Editing and re-arranging bookmarks has been streamlined, with straight-forward drag n’ drop and double-click behaviour finally added.

Visit bbcstreams.com for a list of BBC Radio Stream URLs

Download RadioTray 1.7.1 .Deb

Tip credit: blackn1ght

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