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Trash Indicator for Ubuntu does what it says on the can

Ever felt that emptying the trash can in Ubuntu required too many clicks or too much effort? If so you might be lazy, but the following Trash Can indicator might just prove more in keeping with your workflow...

10 June 2011
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‘Classicmenu indicator’ puts old-school GNOME menus in Unity

Long for the familiar trappings of the ‘classic’ GNOME menus in Ubuntu Unity? With ClassicMenu Indicator you can have just that. ClassicMenu Indicator is currently in alpha but it works pretty much as it should. […]

8 June 2011
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Quickly kill rogue apps in Ubuntu using Indicator-Forceclose

Crashy apps hanging around chomping on your resources? Kill it quickly with the newly formed 'Indicator-Forceclose'.

7 June 2011
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RSS applet ‘Feed Indicator’ fixes browser opening bug

A bug in panel-bound RSS applet 'Feed Indicator' which saw feed items open in a users browser just by hovering over them has been fixed in its most recent update released this weekend.

5 June 2011
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‘My-weather-indicator’ gets updated, revamps location selection

'My-weather-indicator' - an indicator-applet providing weather updates and alerts in Ubuntu - has been updated with an improved location set-up dialog and general bug fixes.

10 May 2011
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Tucan Download Manager adds Indicator Support ahead of Natty launch

Popular download manager Tucan - pitched for use with online file sharing sites such as Mediafire, RapidShare and Megaupload - has added indicator-applet support in its latest alpha build, ahead of Ubuntu 11.04's release this Thursday.

27 April 2011
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Indicator-based clipboard tool Diodon now available for Ubuntu 10.04 users

Light-weight Clipboard indicator applet Diodon has finally been made available for Ubuntu 10.04 users. Simple in purpose and running directly from the indicator-applet area, Diodon is able to 'capture' a wide variety of clipboard items including Pictures, files and URLs. It then lists them within the indicator-applet for easy access at a later date.

24 April 2011
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Indicator-Network Looking Good in Ubuntu 11.04

It's been a while since I last played around with alternative Ubuntu connection manager 'Indicator-Network' - but by jove it's come a long way since!

11 March 2011
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Feed Indicator update add a few new options

Everyone’s favourite panel-based RSS reader ” Feed indicator ” has been updated.   Feed Indicator in Ubuntu 10.10 New features and fixes added to the latest release include: – Option to group each feed in […]

3 March 2011
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Indicator Datetime nabs some natty new choices

Ubuntu 11.04's panel clock Indicator - Indicator Datetime - has received a handful of new features.

28 February 2011
Battery status indicator

How to add a detailed battery indicator to Ubuntu

For as long as I am able to remember the Battery indicator in Ubuntu has, for me, been just shy of useless. Whilst it pictorially displays my battery charge it hasn't been able to provide me with anything more: all I get for enquiring further is a never-changing 'estimating...' menu entry. Thankfully an alternative indicator-shaped solution is available...

25 February 2011
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Indicator-weather update puts temperature on panel

Weather information applet 'indicator-weather' has added some spit and polish to its latest release - including the display of current temperature directly on the panel.

15 February 2011