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Indicator-Keylock: control and monitor caps, num & scroll lock from the panel

Everyone knows that I'm partial to small but useful applets so this next one - for monitoring and controlling caps/num/scroll lock - is yet another great addition to Indicator-Applet arsenal.

5 September 2010
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Lookout! Indicator-screenshotting tool Lookit 0.3 hits Beta

The latest version of TinyGrab inspired screenshot tool ‘Lookit’ has hit beta status and is on the look out for the brave and the bold amongst you to do some testing… New features There are plenty of […]

25 August 2010
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Indicator-Monitor puts system stressing process in plain sight

Another day and another indicator applet to share word of. Today we’re looking rather more informative than time-saving – a system process monitor. ‘System load indicator’ monitors yours running processes CPU, RAM and disc I/O […]

25 August 2010
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Indicator-Workspaces does what it says on the tin

As a self-confessed Indicator-fanboy I relish seeing projects like the following pop up that set out to ‘upgrade/replace’ existing gnome applets into modern, neat and orderly indicator applets. Indicator-Workspaces by George Dumitrescu (AppImage Thumbnailer) is […]

24 August 2010
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Safely remove USB drives using a nifty application indicator (updated with new icon)

I love application indicators and I also love yanking out my USB drives without properly ejecting them. These two passions have meet each other in a nifty new application indicator by developer Eugeny Pankov. The tiny app has been […]

4 August 2010
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meerkat’s new clock applet adds Calendar widget

Ubuntu 10.10’s new indicator-style clock applet is coming along nicely and, in an update today, added a new calendar widget in the menu. The new DateTime indicator applet will help make users lives easier and their […]

22 July 2010
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Weather Indicator Applet: Genesis of an itch into an app (Updated with PPA)

The new Date Time indicator that is all-set to replace the Gnome Clock applet in Ubuntu 10.10 will certainly make your life easier: A slick interface combines easy access to set timers and events direct from the […]

23 June 2010
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Indicator applet support comes to Lubuntu

Indicator Applet support for LXDE based Ubuntu spin ‘Lubuntu’ is coming very shortly, Lubuntu developer Julien Lavergne has just announced to the Lubuntu mailing list.  Lubuntu 10.10 will see the desktop panel – lxpanel – […]

15 June 2010
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indicator applets now work with awn

Ubuntu’s Indicator Applets now work with the latest testing version of popular Dock AWN. The port, an oft-requested feature by AWN users, now allows users to benefit from some of the unique features Application indicators […]

14 June 2010
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What indicator applets were made for: Mock-up Power Manager Applet for Ubuntu

Power management in Ubuntu is a largely poor effort. As Ubuntu stretches it's leg in the field of mobile computing devices; users need a more coherent and accessible way to control power settings. Users currently need to use 3 (!) applets in-order to manage the oft-most power-related used features of screen brightness, CPU performance and battery life indication.

9 June 2010
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Add Zimbra support to the Ubuntu messaging menu with Zimdicator

Zimdicator is a simple messaging menu indicator for use with the open source Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Created by Mitja Pagon to ‘scratch an itch’ (so to speak) it provides Zimbra users with convenient desktop integration […]

17 May 2010
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How To Add The Banshee Indicator Applet in Lucid

An indicator applet extension for Banshee can be easily installed in Ubuntu 10.04, giving the application full panel integration a la Rhythmbox and other indicator applets. By default Banshee displays a notification icon. Whilst this […]

11 April 2010