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Simple Weather Indicator Hits 1.0, Adds “Feels Like”, More Stats

Simple Weather Indicator for Ubuntu's Unity desktop has reached version 1.0. It adds more meteorological metadata including 'feels like' temperature.

8 October 2017
new features in Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu Sees Sense, Will Support Indicator Applets in Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu 17.10 will have GNOME Shell indicator applet support by default. Hurrah for sanity! The results of the GNOME desktop user survey made it crystal clear that, alongside a visible desktop dock, Ubuntu uses want legacy system tray […]

23 August 2017

Indicator KDE Connect 0.9.0 Lets You Send Files to Multiple Android Devices

The latest version of Indicator KDE Connect lets you send files to multiple Android devices, delete or sync your Google Contacts, and more.

22 May 2017
gnome shell indicators

How To Use Indicator Applets on GNOME Shell

You can see, use and integrate Indicator Applets with GNOME Shell using a single GNOME extension. Once enabled, it's hard to know to spot the difference!

17 March 2017

[How To] See Android Notifications on The Ubuntu Desktop

Pushbullet is a popular service that lets you quickly share links, files and messages between your smart devices and your regular desktop OS. Better still, the free service also lets you see Android app notifications on the […]

14 September 2016

Quickly Switch Between Different Lists of Pinned Apps on the Unity Launcher

This indicator applet lets you switch between different sets of pinned apps on the Unity launcher with a quick click. Ideal for those with cluttered Ubuntu desktops.

26 August 2016
skype for linux alpha

Skype for Linux (Alpha) Now Supports Bots

Bots and an improved status menu are among the changes in the latest Skype for Linux (alpha) update, available now.

4 August 2016

This Linux App Makes Typewriter Sounds As You Type


31 July 2016

How To Check Pokémon Go Server Status on Ubuntu

Playing Pokemon Go? This indicator applet for Ubuntu tells you when the game's servers are up and running so you can head out and catch ’em all.

26 July 2016
reddit apps for linux

Get Reddit Inbox Alerts on the Ubuntu Desktop

This nifty Reddit indicator applet for the Ubuntu desktop alerts you to new inbox notifications as and when you receive them.

12 June 2016
reddit apps for linux

Quick Reddit — Monitor Your Fave Subreddit from the Ubuntu Desktop

Quick Reddit is a free, open-source indicator applet for the Ubuntu desktop that can fetch and display a list of posts from a specified Subreddit.

10 June 2016

How To Disable Desktop Notifications on Ubuntu

The Unity 7 desktop in Ubuntu does not come with a ‘do not disturb’ feature by default. Ubuntu desktop notification can keep you notified of many things, from a track change in Rhythmbox to new […]

5 June 2016