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See How Far GNOME 3 Has Come in 5 Years [Video]

It's been 5 years since the GNOME 3 was first released. In a talk at OSC2016, GNOME dev Tobias Mueller walks through the major changes since.

27 June 2016

Improve The Look of Firefox In GNOME With These 2 Add-Ons

Firefox under GNOME Shell looks and feels a little out of place. Thankfully there a couple of extensions that vastly improve its appearance.

12 September 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Update Finally Fixes Ugly Nautilus, GNOME 3 Apps

The appearance of Nautilus, System Settings and several other GNOME 3 applications in Ubuntu 13.10 has been improved in a recent update.

3 August 2013
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Ubuntu 12.10 May Ship With Older, But More Featured, Nautilus

Over in the development land of Ubuntu 12.10, a new version of the 'new Nautilus' has landed - bringing with it yet another feature removal. And so the question that is now being asked by developers and users alike is: Should Ubuntu revert to an older version of Nautilus to keep this feature, and the many others hacked out?

8 August 2012
new-nautilus in Ubuntu 12.10

Is The New Nautilus A Step In The Right Direction? [Poll]

Is Nautilus being steered in the right direction, one with simplicity and a focus on core features as its destination? Or are GNOME developers driving the trusty file manager off the edge of a cliff with uncessary changes and feature removals? Share your opinion on our poll.

30 July 2012
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New GNOME 3.4 Release Offers Features, Fun & UI Finesse

The latest version of the GNOME desktop has been released today. But what’s new, what’s improved? Dynamic Wallpaper “He’s starting by telling us about the wallpaper? Geesh!” I know it’s an odd place to start […]

28 March 2012
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GNOME’s New Lock Screen Design Goes Online

The tentative design proposal for the new GNOME lock screen has been published online. The designs, created by Novell's Jakub Steiner and published on the GNOME Design Wiki, take cues from the lock-screens of smartphones by remaining semi-useful when locked (displays big clock, message notifications, music controller).

12 February 2012
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GNOME’s Revamped ‘Web’ Browser Is Minimal, Mighty

GNOME's work on a revamped and repurposed 'Epiphany' web browser - which seeks to make the browser a core part of the GNOME experience - is coming along nicely. The redesign of Epiphany, which is relabelled 'Web' in the app itself, seeks to to offer GNOME users a 'simple, clean, beautiful view of the [internet].'

18 January 2012
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Cinnamon Project Keeps ‘GNOME 2’ Style Desktop Alive

Like the classic hit song constantly remade to stay modern, fans of the traditional GNOME desktop are keen to keep their preferred desktop layout fresh and available to new audiences. And so was born the Cinnamon desktop session.

23 December 2011
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Ubuntu Wins ‘Best Distro’ Award in Linux Journal Reader’s Poll

The 2011 Linux Journal Reader's Choice Poll has named Ubuntu the best Linux distribution - for the 7th year in a row! The American magazine, which recently switched to digital-only distribution, polled its readers in over 30 categories.

12 December 2011
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7 More Useful GNOME-Shell Extensions

It's been almost a week since GNOME launched a public alpha of their handy 'extensions' site - which makes adding extra functionality to the GNOME-Shell desktop a wheeze. We highlighted five handy extensions before the weekend, but those were taken from the handful of extensions that were uploaded at the time. Since then even more have been added. Below are some screenshots, witterings and all important download links...

7 December 2011
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New GNOME 3 Notification Designs

GNOME designer Allan Day has uploaded a new proposal for the handling of system and application notifications in GNOME 3. His 'Notifications Redux' design proposes moving notifications to the lower-left hand side of the screen. Most of GNOME's current notification features are maintained, including urgency, actions, and hiding.

6 December 2011