The 2011 Linux Journal Reader’s Choice Poll has named Ubuntu the best Linux distribution – for the 7th year in a row!

The American magazine, which recently switched to digital-only distribution, polled its readers in over 30 categories.

Topping the ‘Best Linux Distro’ poll was Ubuntu.

The revamped GNOME 3 desktop won the coveted ‘Product of the year’ title.

“GNOME 3 represents a drastic change in the way we compute on the desktop” Linux Journal write of the win.

“And like its relative Unity, it has some people shaking their heads in frustration. [But Linux Journal Readers have] proven, however, that change isn’t always a bad thing, and GNOME 3 wins!

Other notable winners include:

  • Best Netbook OS: Ubuntu Netbook Remix
  • Best Desktop Environment: GNOME
  • Product of the Year: GNOME 3
  • Best Microblogging Client: Gwibber
  • Best Game for Linux: World of Goo

The full list of winners can be found @

Thanks to David Nielsen

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