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[How to] Move Nautilus Navigation Buttons back to the Left in Ubuntu

Does the placing of the 'back' and 'forward' navigation buttons in GNOME 3's Nautilus bug you? Let it no more: OMG! Ubuntu! reader Tim has written up a solution on switching the navigation arrows back to their old placing.

3 December 2011
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Five Useful GNOME Shell Extensions

With the GNOME Extension catalogue now online it's never been easier to add extra features to your GNOME Shell desktop. Inside we list five extensions that you might find handy...

2 December 2011
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GNOME Shell Extensions Site Enters Alpha; One Ups Unity?

Adding additional functionality to the GNOME Shell experience has just gotten much easier with the launch of an official 'Extensions' site.

2 December 2011
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Latest GNOME 3 Nautilus Mock-ups Point to Refined Look

GNOME designer Allan Day has updated GNOME 3's Nautilus mock-ups with a refined new look. The changes see Nautilus follow GNOME 3's new application design patterns.

28 November 2011
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Using Epiphany Web Apps in Ubuntu 11.10

GNOME's default web browser is 'Epiphany' - but very few GNOME-using distributions ship with it. With the release of GNOME 3 (and the subsequent GNOME 3.2) the webkit-using browser added a slew of new features, many of which have turned the app from an 'also-ran' into a dependable, fast and responsive choice.

25 November 2011
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New GNOME App Designs Hint at a Bright Future for Linux

GNOME Designer Allan Day has shown off various updated designs for potential future GNOME applications.

10 November 2011
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Precisely What Version of GNOME Will Ship in Ubuntu 12.04?

What version of GNOME will ship in Ubuntu 12.04? That was the topic of discussion at one of today's Ubuntu Developer Summit sessions.

2 November 2011
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Use ‘Adwaita Dark’ As Your System Theme

If you've played around with GNOME Shell and its default theme then there's a good chance that when watching a video or viewing a photo you've seen the very swish dark variant. If you like the look of the 'dark' version of GNOME 3's default Adwaita theme, and want to use it as your system theme, then you're in luck: a wily Chilean user by the name of A. Felipe has modified Adwaita so as to use the 'dark' version as default.

20 October 2011

GNOME 3’s Default Wallpaper – Ubuntu Style

Whether or not you’re a fan of GNOME 3’s default ‘stripy blue’ wallpaper there’s no denying that it is striking. If you plan on using GNOME Shell in Ubuntu 11.10 (it’s just a click away) […]

3 October 2011
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GNOME 3 Adding ‘Web App’ Mode

Chrome has them, Firefox has them and, soon, so will GNOME 3. What am I wittering on about? Web apps.

2 September 2011
Update Indicator for GNOME Shell

‘Update Indicator’ Extension for GNOME Shell Puts Upgrade Alerts in Your Panel

If you're a GNOME Shell user who took fancy to the 'Update Manager Indicator' we featured last Friday and want something similar for your own system - you're in luck!

27 July 2011
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GNOME 3: Awesome Designs for “Music” and “Documents” File Browsing

New and exciting ways of interacting with files are being explored in GNOME 3. Rather than just navigate to and 'view' your files the following designs show off features and interfaces that are helpful, modern and in keeping with the modern GNOME desktop.

25 July 2011