The tentative design proposal for the new GNOME lock screen has been published online.

The designs, created by Redhat’s Jakub Steiner and published on the GNOME Design Wiki, take cues from the lock-screens of smartphones by remaining semi-useful when locked (displays big clock, message notifications, music controller).

New GNOME Lock Screen

Interaction wise the proposed design is similar to Windows 8 in that a user must drag the lock-screen upwards to reveal the input dialog and unlock the screen, the difference being in that Windows 8 uses the same design for both login and lock-screen. This is not the planned approach for GNOME 3; the login screen has a different design to that of the lockscreen screen.

The video below, again by Jakub Steiner, demoes this interaction concept. Watch it then let us know if your thoughts on it in the comments below

Thanks to John O’Dwyer

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