osc16 logoIt’s been 5 years since the first stable release of GNOME 3, and by heck has it come a long way since!

Showing just how much the open-source desktop environment has matured in that time is Tobias Mueller. The GNOME developer held a talk on the design decisions, major changes and future plans for the GNOME desktop at openSUSE Conference 2016.

The video blurb states: “The talk will introduce to some (sic) of the design philosophies inherent in GNOME 3 as well as the main changes brought to users and developers. Also, since GNOME 3.20 is another step of a long lasting incrementally improved user experience, the future of GNOME’s development will be speculated on.”

A video of Mueller’s half-hour talk is available to view online.

While I appreciate that this is not strictly Ubuntu-related do remember GNOME 3.x is one of the most popular alternative desktop environments available. As such this talk will be of interest to many regular OMG! Ubuntu! readers.

Download a video of this talk

Don’t want to watch it on YouTube? Download links for a variety of popular formats, including standard and high definition files, can be found at the link below.

Download GNOME 3.20: Five Years After 3.0 Talk

Download Video gnome gnome3