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GNOME 3 gets a new font [download]

GNOME 3 will ship with many exciting new features we already know about but here’s another to chalk up to the list: a new font! The font, a ‘Humanist sans-serif’ family titled ‘Cantarell’, isn’t actually […]

6 November 2010
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GNOME 3’s new theme lands & Mutter gets ace

A new default GTK and Metacity theme for Gnome 3 landed in the Gnome Shell git a few days back. Called Adwaita it looks very similar to the design mock-ups displayed at GUADEC earlier this year.

3 November 2010
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Ambiance theme for GNOME-Shell

Gnome-Shell may be heading in a different direction given the recent delays and new unity-esque mock-ups shown at Guadec but one thing is for sure: the current darkly-toned look Shell rocks out with is not […]

2 August 2010
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Proposal to make GNOME a fully-fledged OS

Last weeks GUADEC was less like a developers conference and more like a presidential campaign rally! The enthusiasm, positivity and general feedback that it has garnered is incredible but amongst the many interesting things propositioned […]

1 August 2010
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The new Gnome-Shell mock-up in motion

The “new” style GNOME Shell mock-up presented at last weeks Guadec conference now comes with added motion! The following video demos the intended motion-design of the layout so whilst what you see below is not […]

1 August 2010
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GNOME 3 delayed until March 2011

The release of GNOME 3 has been delayed once again, this time proposed for release in March of 2011. The news, announced at GUADEC, is to allow the GNOME team ‘another release cycle to mature’ the […]

28 July 2010
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I know I’m in no position to criticise but really GNOME, really? (d0od rant)

With Gnome 3.0 on course to be released later this year developers have begun making the tough decisions on what will be included as part of the desktop – and, perhaps more controversially, what won’t […]

9 June 2010
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The Future Of Nautilus

Nautilus – the default file manager in Ubuntu – has an interface many consider to be awful and overly complex. It has button after button, toolbar after toolbar, menu after menu – and just looks, […]

28 February 2010
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A Few New Features In Gnome-Shell

GNOME-Shell needs no introduction. I’m sure many of you all know what it is, have opinions on it and probably you will have tried it out. But have you tried it out lately? Progress OMG! […]

8 February 2010
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A Quick Look At Gnome 3’s Desktop Sidebar

Continuing our look at Gnome 3’s Gnome-Shell, we land upon the oft unnoticed desktop sidebar! The sidebar can be enable/disabled from the user menu in the top right-hand corner and unless clicked or hovered over, […]

22 September 2009
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Gnome 3 – A Quick Visual Tour

Gnome 3, which will be available to install in Ubuntu 10.04, will mark the first radical change to the Gnome Desktop since it’s inception, thanks to it’s “new” interface ‘Gnome-Shell’. Doing Things Better On first […]

20 September 2009