GNOME’s work on a revamped and repurposed ‘Epiphany’ web browser – which seeks to make the browser a core part of the GNOME experience – is coming along nicely.

The redesign of Epiphany, which is relabelled ‘Web’ in the app itself, seeks to to offer GNOME users a ‘simple, clean, beautiful view of the [internet].’

And despite development being relatively early on (Epiphany 3.3.4 isn’t scheduled for release until March) I don’t find it premature to say that it succeeds in its aim.

The name Epiphany finally rings true.

What’s New in Epiphany 3.3.4

Epiphany 3.3.4/Web is one of the first applications to make use of GNOME Shell’s “App Menu”. Clicking on the application title in the top bar drops down a range of configuration and preferences options.

The navigation toolbar is minimal. Buttons for ‘back’ and ‘forward’ are present, and look great in their visual coupling.

tabs in Epiphany

‘Stop’ and ‘Reload/Refresh’ actions have been merged and integrated into the URL bar itself – similar to Firefox and Chrome.

web refresh button epiphany


A ‘Super Menu’ replaces the traditional menu bar, thus following a trend seen in most web-browsers of late.


Epiphany’s rebirth as ‘Web‘ has only just begun.

With a renewed and reinvigorated aim, the Epiphany development team will next begin porting additional extensions and features over to the app; implementing a new (very stylish) ‘Overview’ page for accessing most-visited pages and bookmarks; and there’s also rumour of a ‘surprise gift’ being added to the ‘web application’ feature.

Exciting stuff.

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