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Zeitgeist powered Jump-lists in GNOME Shell

Browsing around Zeitgeist developer and fellow OMG! Ubuntu! writer Seif Lotfy's YouTube I came across a short video demonstration of Zeitgeist powered jump-lists in GNOME-Shell.

24 March 2011
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Empathy 3.0 adds contact blocking (finally)

Empathy 3.0 will finally include 'user blocking/unblocking ' - a feature long demanded by users of the multi-protocol chat application.

14 March 2011
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Gnome 3 removes ‘max’ and ‘min’ window controls – but why?

If you thought Ubuntu moving window controls to the left hand side was an issue you might need to sit down on learning of Gnome 3's latest change. Window controls in Gnome 3 now consists of one button and one button alone: close. 'Maximize' and 'Minimize' have been removed from window borders.

1 March 2011
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Gnome-Shell gets a Live CD

GNOME-Shell is very nearly upon us - but it's been an absolute age since I last played with it myself (been knee deep in Natty, folks!). Work on it, regardless of my attention, soldiers on apace.

1 February 2011
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The new GNOME 3 website goes live

The official website for GNOME 3, the next iteration of the GNOME desktop, has gone online in alpha state.

19 January 2011
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Banshee: Video, TV shows, Windows and hackfest, oh my!

From deep in Hanger 18, your reporter is proud to bring you some exclusive Banshee goodies. Read on for more information...

17 January 2011

How to install the latest Rhythmbox (including its new plugin) in Ubuntu 10.10

The recent update to music player Rhythmbox brought with it many feature updates and fixes. Amongst these came a newly souped-up Last FM plugin offering up detailed user stats, artist recommendations and support for music streaming. Maverick users can now install it via a dedicated backport PPA.

15 December 2010
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GNOME 3 T-shirt Contest

Could you translate your love/excitement/anticipation for GNOME 3.0 into a kick-ass T-shirt design? Want to win money in the process? Then get scribbling and enter the latest contest by GNOME which will celebrate the launch […]

7 December 2010
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The new look Gnome-Shell ‘Relayout’ branch lands

Just a quicks heads up to those following the development of GNOME-Shell - Florian Müllner has just announced that the new-look relayout branch - which we cooed over lovingly several weeks back - has landed in the GNOME-Shell Master branch.

29 November 2010
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Evolution evolved [mock-ups]

Evolution is a little bit staid in the UI department - but don't fix what isn't broken right?

25 November 2010
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GNOME Shell: Getting prettier by the day

Gnome-Shell's UI revamp continues apace. With so many visual changes now landing MrMars decided to drop some screenshots off in the OMG! Inbox! along with a link to his Italian Ubuntu forum post touching on them. The changes are very, very clear to see from the images below so lets have a quick rundown courtesy of MrMars...

15 November 2010
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How to install vanilla GNOME 3 in Maverick

If you ever wanted to test GNOME 3 there was ricotz's PPA but Maverick users don't get love since it is now only available for Natty. But fear not, since the Ubuntu Desktop team have have set up another PPA to give Maverick users some upstreamy love.

11 November 2010