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Equinox Evolution: Beautiful Day Themed GTK Themes

Add some style to your desktop with the Equinox Evolution suite of themes by Faenza creator tiheum.

11 April 2011
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Longhorn Linux transformation pack hits beta, adds auto-installer

Long for the look of the Windows OS that never was? The Longhorn Linux transformation pack has hit beta and now comes with an automatic installation script for simple installation on Ubuntu 10.10.

29 March 2011
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GNOME-Shell ‘Smooth Inset’ theme is light, airy and beautiful

Gnome-Shell may not be to everyone's taste out of the box, but one can't deny that its themeing capabilities allow it to look utterly beautiful. The following GNOME-Shell theme, by regularly-featured-on-OMG! designer ~half-left, provides a light, airy overhaul of GNOME's big interface revamp.

20 March 2011
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First Unity ‘theme’ created, available for download

Reader Isantop has created the first theme designed specifically with Unity in mind - and here's how you can download it.

20 March 2011
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Update: Appears not! From bordered to borderless, and then back again: Natty GTK theme change deemed ‘bland’

Update: Shocker! Mark Shuttleworth has just added a comment to the bug report stating that once the issues with Unity 2D are fixed, the theme will be going back to 0px border goodness. As if to prove our own wisened words of Alpha Caution true, one of our favourite tweaks to Natty has been reversed in less than 24 hours.

12 March 2011
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15 sleek Gnome panel backgrounds (and how to fix non-transparent applet issues)

GNOME Panel looking dull? Try one of these 15 slick backgrounds - plus how to fix annoying panel applet background issues.

26 February 2011
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iPod Nano inspired CoverGloobus theme

I know, I know. You're rolling your eyes at the mention of the words 'Nano', 'Apple' and 'iPod' in the same sentence. But as they once sang 'give peace a chance' here I sing 'give iPod Nano inspired CoverGloobus themes a chance' - particularly when they're as nice as this.

13 February 2011

Five neat new Covergloobus themes

Five pretty CoverGloobus themes. Including one by me. Sssh. Let's go.

28 January 2011
Compiz radius shadow at 48

How to increase the size of Compiz shadows under app windows

Not happy with the default size of the Compiz drop shadows under application windows? Here's how to make them larger.

27 January 2011
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Faenza-styled gaming icons

These are too great to pass up on posting; Faenza-style game icons for a gaggle of popular Linux games.

22 January 2011
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Ubuntu-izing Kubuntu, Ambiance style

If you switch to KDE but miss Ubuntu's 'style' you needn't weep - a new a Ambiance styled Plasma Desktop theme brings Ubuntu's style to the Kubuntu desktop. "Scnd101" is the user behind the stunning creation, which theme the panel, widgets and more in Ambiance-coloured coating.

18 January 2011
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‘Outsiders’ Emerald window borders could just confuse you

Some things are standard: milk on cereal; Doctor in Tardis; window buttons in frame. Well, the latter was standard; 0rAX0's 'Outsiders' Emerald theme pack literally pushes the traditional boundaries away in these off-corner creations.

17 January 2011