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Give your Ubuntu desktop a stunning new look with GTK themes, free icon packs, Conky, visual customisation tools, rad wallpapers and more – all of which you’ll find badged with this tag.

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Create a minimialist ‘Wingpanel’ using AWN [Video]

Minimalistic desktop panel app 'Wingpanel' looks good but remains far too unstable for everyday use. In the meantime it's easy to 'recreate' the look of a side-bound mini-panel using other applications.

9 January 2011
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Five Sexy Screenlets for Ubuntu Desktops: Gmail, Clock and More

Screenlets, the desktop widget framework for Linux, was once the apple of eye-candy fans everywhere. Make the jump to grab five refreshing screenlets.

8 January 2011
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Borderless Ambiance theme for Emerald

‘Borderless’ themes are all the rage currently. The Elementary-Borderless GTK+ theme we featured a few days back has been particularly popular with users so it was somewhat inevitable that the stock Ubuntu themes would get […]

7 January 2011
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elementary-borderless theme is a simple yet striking change

Sometimes the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference.

5 January 2011

HQ real-time Earth wallpaper for Ubuntu: XPlanetFX

Forever a fan of quirky wallpapers that break with the tradtional tedium that is static desktop wallpapers, I was stoked to come across XplanetFX - a real-time wallpaper that puts the Earth, Moon and Sun on your desktop in stunning high-quality. Eye-candy fans won't want to miss this.

4 January 2011
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Atolm GTK+ theme: Dark, brushed and oh-so nice

Meet Atolm – the newest dark theme on the block. Atolm is the result of a collaboration between designers SkiesOfAzel and MonkeyMagico, the latter of whom created the mock that  served as the inspiration for […]

30 December 2010
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Suave & GrooveUp covergloobus themes

With Christmas almost over there isn't long left in which blasting out your favourite seasonal songs won't seem weird. To help balm the blow here are two slick themes for desktop 'coverart n' controller' CoverGloobus.

24 December 2010

‘Flip style’ theme for Screenlets clock widget

It feels like an age since I last wrote about anything related to Screenlets - the desktop 'widget' framework for Linux. As consolation for Screenlet fans here's a cracking 'flip clock' style theme for the default clock screenlet.

17 December 2010
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Bored of your homepage? Try this bright Ubuntu-ized one instead

Add some oomph to your browsers homepage with this colourful custom Ubuntu-ized landing page.

16 December 2010
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Get a minimal clean desktop with Faenza, DockBarX and Elementary milk

Sometimes you don't want your Ubuntu desktop to be shinier than the baubles on your xmas tree. This set-up by reader breecube encapsulates that minimal-yet-elegant feel many strive for.

9 December 2010

Conky-Faenza Theme Is Like iStatPro for Linux Desktops

Conky-Faenza is, as the name suggests, a Conky set-up with a Faenza flavour.

8 December 2010
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DockBarX updates with new look

GNOME panel applet 'DockbarX' has been updated with a brand new look

8 December 2010