Heard of Cuttlefish? It’s is a small utility for Ubuntu that lets you set-up ‘rules’ to be followed when certain a action or state happens.

For example, pulling out the power cord from your laptop switches off Bluetooth and mutes your speakers.

It’s all very clever and very handy. But its default indicator icon is a little bit of an eyesore in the panel.

Cuttlefish, my aquatically-designed chum: there’s a time and place for garish purple-y pink tentacles and the Ubuntu indicator area isn’t it.

Cuttlefish: Before and After the icon switch

The good news is that Cuttlefish ships with an Ubuntu-friendly mono-version of its tray icon. It just doesn’t use it.

To getCuttlefish using the ‘mono’ icon you need to run the following three commands in the Terminal:

  • cd /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/cuttlefish/share/cuttlefish/media
  • sudo cp tentacle_indicator.png tentacle_indicator.png.old
  • sudo cp cuttlefish_indicator.png tentacle_indicator.png

…And that’s all.

If you have Cuttlefish running you will need to quite and relaunch before the change takes hold.

Source: gastarbeiten

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