Reader Ryan Davies dropped this little treat in my inbox recently – a GNOME-Shell theme based on the design of this very website! 

Flattery aside, the theme by DeviantArt ~bimsebasse works well on the desktop.

It’s not overly gaudy (always a risk when the colour orange is involved), and although there’s perhaps a little too much white for some eyes to take (hence why we have ‘noise’ added to the background of the website’s body), it’s well worth trying out whether you’re an avid reader of us or not.

Download & Install

The theme can be downloaded from the DevaintArt page linked below.

OMG! Ubuntu! GNOME Shell Theme

Installation is tricker, and not everyone has been able to get the theme to ‘work’. I’m in that camp; this theme refuses to ‘apply’ in Ubuntu GNOME Remix 12.10 using the GNOME Tweak Tool.

But you might fair better or be able to point out why it doesn’t work for some. So if you download and try it be sure to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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