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Give your Ubuntu desktop a stunning new look with GTK themes, free icon packs, Conky, visual customisation tools, rad wallpapers and more – all of which you’ll find badged with this tag.

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These two sumptuous 3D Ubuntu wallpapers are without rival

It's the start of a new week so why not give your drab desktop a dust-down? One of these utterly divine wallpapers created and sent to us by 'insospettato' should certainly do the trick.

24 October 2010
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Install Linux Mint’s brand new theme in Ubuntu

One of the big draws in Ubuntu-based OS Linux Mint's new release candidate - released today - is a new 'metal' looking theme. Here's how to easily install and use it in Ubuntu.

20 October 2010
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Microsoft’s new spooky Windows 7 themes: use them in Ubuntu

Microsoft have released two new seasonal-themed ‘themepacks’ for Windows 7. With a bit of renaming you can easily grab the wallpapers inside for use on any operating system – including Ubuntu. The new Lightning theme […]

20 October 2010
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How to customize the clock applet in Ubuntu

If you're bored with the look of the default date and time applet in Ubuntu why not jazz it up with one of the following themes?

13 October 2010
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Display the time in style with Cairo-Clock

Display the time in style on your desktop without needing to install entire widget frameworks or mess with complicated conky codes using Cairo-Clock – a themeable, resizable and moveable analogue clock application.

7 October 2010
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OMG! 5! – Five Wallpapers by John Baer

Several readers sent us a link to the following wallpaper by ~jbaer - and we can see why! Titled ‘Maverick Dunes’ and created solely in Inscape, the wallpaper makes a wonderful alternative to the default Ubuntu wallpapers in both Lucid and Maverick. Download link inside, kiddies!

6 October 2010
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Divergence Theme Pack is sure to put the awe in anyone’s jaw

We show off a set of slick new themes by jurialmunkey, including installation instructions.

5 October 2010
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‘Lightness’ BURG theme

A new theme for graphical GRUB replacement BURG by ~SWOriginal (increasingly one of our favourite designers) has been released. Called ‘Lightness’ the theme was designed to feel ‘calm, clean & modern’ according to its designer, and certainly gives a beautifully minimalistic introduction to your boot time.

4 October 2010
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Ubuntu-style Emoticons for Pidgin

Ubuntu design team member Otto Greenslade blogged about a set of new Ubuntu-style emoticons for use on the Canonical design blog at the weekend – and you can now use them in Pidgin.

3 October 2010
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Dark Glass docky theme

Find Docky looking drab? Try this ‘dark glass’ theme by artist ~half-left.

1 October 2010
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Faenza icon themed Conky bar for your Ubuntu desktop

If you’re a big fan of the Faenza icon set then chances are the following Faenza styled Conky bar, created by pingsuters over on, is sure to tempt.

29 September 2010
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Elementary Firefox hits version 2.0

An updated version of elementary styled Firefox theme ‘Firefox elementary’ has been released today. The theme helps to seamlessly integrate Ubuntu’s default web browser into your Elementary themed desktop. Download Download, extract and double-click […]

28 September 2010