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Give your Ubuntu desktop a stunning new look with GTK themes, free icon packs, Conky, visual customisation tools, rad wallpapers and more – all of which you’ll find badged with this tag.

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[How To] Easily Skin Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop

The Unity Launcher and Panel can't be themed directly - not without recreating and then replacing each of the tiny .png files it uses - but the illusion of a themed top-panel and Unity launcher can be created quickly and easily by way of special custom wallpapers. Click on in to learn more.

28 March 2012
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FS Icon Theme for Ubuntu Get Expanded

FS Icons - a glossy icon set inspired by an unused peice of Ubuntu branding - has been updated with a wider selection of icons and refreshed folders.

19 March 2012
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3 Themes for Linux Dock ‘Plank’

It may be yet to see a stable release but that hasn’t stopped many folks from (get ready for pirate punnery) from ‘walking the plank‘ of instability by using it. What am I jabbering about? […]

19 March 2012
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Get Better Looking Folder Icons in Ubuntu with FS Icons

The default Ubuntu icon theme isn't the most glamourous of icon sets but I like that; it doesn't distract me from working or get in the way. But that's not to say it couldn't do with a bit of oomph in a few places.

13 March 2012
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Bisigi Themes Revived, GTK3 Ports Begin

The Bisigi themes project has been revived. The project created some of the most comprehensively designed GTK2 themes during its three active years but following the move by most major distributions to GTK3, the project wound down in November of last year.

14 February 2012

Orta Theme Ported to GTK 3; Here’s How to Install It

Orta was one of the most popular GTK2 themes created for GNOME-based desktop. But when Ubuntu upgraded to Gnome 3 (and respectively GTK 3) in 11.10 users were no longer able to use GTK 2 […]

5 February 2012
Sands of time wallpaper recreated in Ubuntu

The Sands of Time Linux Desktop

Linux user and Deviant Artist Flamer-Shaftglutton has created a stunning Linux desktop using the lightweight system monitor Conky.

1 February 2012
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Give Ubuntu a New Look with the ‘Edgebound Desktop’

Want your desktop to look totally different to others? Meet the 'Edgebound' desktop set-up. This marvellous-looking mash-up combines elements of Unity-2D and GNOME 3 with the Avant Window Navigator into a slick , easy to use desktop.

22 January 2012

GNOME-Shell Ice Cream Sandwich Theme Is All Kinds of Delicious

I'm hungry for Ice Cream Sandwich. Very Hungry. As it's going to be a while before the 4.0 update trickles down to my phone and tablet the following Android 4.0 GNOME-Shell theme by Faenza icon set creator tiheum is helping to stave off my hunger pangs...

20 January 2012

Cinnamon Desktop Gets First Custom Theme

A theme designed specifically for the new GNOME 3-based Cinnamon desktop is available to download. 'Cinnamon Minty', created by satya164 , evokes the colour-scheme of Linux Mint - whose founder is behind the Cinnamon desktop.

8 January 2012

Give Your Linux Desktop ‘New Hope’ With this GTK3 Theme

Hope GTK theme is a modern and stylish looking GTK theme that looks great on the modern Ubuntu desktop. But there was one aspect of it that didn’t I felt looked out of place: the […]

7 January 2012
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Boomerang GTK Theme Can Smarten Up Any Desktop

Boomerang GTK3 theme aims to smarten up dull desktops with it shiny and professional look.

16 December 2011