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Like Dark GTK Themes? Check out ‘elementary Dark’

If you been wondering whether the indomitable elementary theme would look better dark, get ready to climb aboard: your theme-train just arrived courtesy of DeviantArtist ~satya164...

28 July 2011
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‘Unity Impression’ theme for Ubuntu 11.04 is subtle, easy on the eyes

If the default GTK themes supplied with Ubuntu 11.04 aren't to your taste 'Unity Impression', a new GTK theme designed specifically with Ubuntu's Unity interface in mind, is well worth a try out. Download link and choice-pictures inside.

29 June 2011
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‘Aldabra’ – GTK2 port of GNOME 3’s default theme

GNOME 3s default theme is a pale, elegant affair. Granted the window controls are a bit on the, shall we say beefier side, but its still a great theme that is very easy on the eye. If you like the theme and want to use it in Ubuntu, but dont want the hassle that comes with it adding the GNOME 3 PPA, you now can thanks to a GTK2 port of the theme dubbed Aldabra.

1 June 2011
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‘Ambiance Evolution’ is a refined, elegant mod of Ubuntu’s default theme

"Yo Mr OMG!, Can you feature a theme other than Ambiance-based ones?" I will soon, I promise. But in the mean time let me draw your attention to some more work by ~simplygreat who has created a rather elegant mod of Ubuntu's default Ambiance theme.

27 May 2011
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Ubuntu-ize your Android phone with this slick Ubuntu Unity theme pack

Self-described 'ubuntu YouYube and Android fanatic' Joe Steiger has finally published his long-in-development Ubuntu Unity themed Android skin.

24 May 2011
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Add Ubuntu One style dark toolbars to all apps in Ubuntu

Want UbuntuOne Control Panel style 'dark toolbars' in all of your Ubuntu apps? Now you can using the following modified version of the default Ubuntu theme, installable via PPA.

20 May 2011
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[How to] Make e-book app ‘Calibre’ look nicer in Ubuntu

It's always frustrating to come across an applications whose features are let down by a less-than great interface. Calibre, an e-book management tool, has, for me at least, been a prime example of this. Thankfully the developer has begun working to tweak and refine the interface, with he fruits of this labour appearing in the most recent release. Reader and all round ace guy Wyatt K., having read that post, thought it could be made better still - and all rather easily, too...

15 May 2011
Nautilus Elementary After

Ubuntu One style Nautilus Elementary theme [Download]

It's no secret that I love the new look Ubuntu One Control Panel in Ubuntu 11.04: it's slick, integrated and raises the overall sheen of the Ambiance theme in Ubuntu. DeviantArtist simplygreat likes it too. So much that he's created a simple 'hack' for Nautilus-Elementary that brings the style of the Ubuntu One Control Panel to the popular file-browser Nautilus-Elementary. More info and download link inside.

6 May 2011
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Mimic the look of Ubuntu’s Overlay-scrollbars in Chrome/ium

Chrome/ium doesn't use Ubuntu's new Overlay Scrollbars which is a shame: thy're cute, slim and awesome to use. Whilst we can't enable overlay scrollbars themselves in Chrome/ium we can at least match the look, courtesy of reader Micha R who mailed in just how to do this...

5 May 2011

Unity panel button replacements for Elementary and Orta

The ability to easily customise your desktop is, arguably, one of the boons of using Linux. Unity is no exception. The following hack allows you to fully integrate some of the more popular 3rd party themes into the Unity desktop.

3 May 2011
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Making LibreOffice blend in Ubuntu: Icon porting

Developer Shnatsel stopped by the OMG! Inbox! to share word an icon-based project hes been working on that aims to help LibreOffice better 'visually' fit the rest of the Ubuntu desktop.

25 April 2011

How to Make Firefox 4 Look Like Internet Explorer 9

There is no denying that Internet Explorer 9 has found fans with its design revamp. Firefox users wishing to "mimic" the look can now do so.

21 April 2011