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Give your Ubuntu desktop a stunning new look with GTK themes, free icon packs, Conky, visual customisation tools, desktop wallpapers and more – all of which you’ll find featured below.

Nautilus Elementary After

Ubuntu One style Nautilus Elementary theme [Download]

It's no secret that I love the new look Ubuntu One Control Panel in Ubuntu 11.04: it's slick, integrated and raises the overall sheen of the Ambiance theme in Ubuntu. DeviantArtist simplygreat likes it too. So much that he's created a simple 'hack' for Nautilus-Elementary that brings the style of the Ubuntu One Control Panel to the popular file-browser Nautilus-Elementary. More info and download link inside.

6 May 2011
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Mimic the look of Ubuntu’s Overlay-scrollbars in Chrome/ium

Chrome/ium doesn't use Ubuntu's new Overlay Scrollbars which is a shame: thy're cute, slim and awesome to use. Whilst we can't enable overlay scrollbars themselves in Chrome/ium we can at least match the look, courtesy of reader Micha R who mailed in just how to do this...

5 May 2011

Unity panel button replacements for Elementary and Orta

The ability to easily customise your desktop is, arguably, one of the boons of using Linux. Unity is no exception. The following hack allows you to fully integrate some of the more popular 3rd party themes into the Unity desktop.

3 May 2011
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Making LibreOffice blend in Ubuntu: Icon porting

Developer Shnatsel stopped by the OMG! Inbox! to share word an icon-based project he’s been working on that aims to help LibreOffice better 'visually' fit the rest of the Ubuntu desktop.

25 April 2011

How to Make Firefox 4 Look Like Internet Explorer 9

There is no denying that Internet Explorer 9 has found fans with its design revamp. Firefox users wishing to "mimic" the look can now do so.

21 April 2011
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‘Faenza Fresh’ adds extra app icons to Faenza icon set

The saying goes that you can't please everybody. That seems doubly true when your desktop appearance is involved. Even Faenza, the hugely popular 'squared' icon set for Linux, contains icon designs that send some people scouring for alternatives. Enter Faenza Fresh...

19 April 2011

‘Orb Clock’ β€” A Stylish Time Screenlet For Linux Desktops

Screenlets fans looking for well-designed eye-candy to place on their desktops should check out the following all-in-one clock Screenlet by Mickeyz.

19 April 2011
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This Neat Wallpaper Changes With the Day

Wallpapers don't have to be static and boring. We've written about Android-style live wallpapers, weather wallpaper and real-time earth wallpapers before but here's something a little less flashy: a gorgeous wallpaper that changes with the time of day

15 April 2011

Equinox Evolution: Beautiful Day Themed GTK Themes

Add some style to your desktop with the Equinox Evolution suite of themes by Faenza creator tiheum.

11 April 2011
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Longhorn Linux transformation pack hits beta, adds auto-installer

Long for the look of the Windows OS that never was? The Longhorn Linux transformation pack has hit beta and now comes with an automatic installation script for simple installation on Ubuntu 10.10.

29 March 2011
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GNOME-Shell ‘Smooth Inset’ theme is light, airy and beautiful

Gnome-Shell may not be to everyone's taste out of the box, but one can't deny that its themeing capabilities allow it to look utterly beautiful. The following GNOME-Shell theme, by regularly-featured-on-OMG! designer ~half-left, provides a light, airy overhaul of GNOME's big interface revamp.

20 March 2011
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First Unity ‘theme’ created, available for download

Reader Isantop has created the first theme designed specifically with Unity in mind - and here's how you can download it.

20 March 2011