A GTK theme to compliment the popular Moka icon set is now available to download.

It’s a light, bright theme with purple highlights and looks similar to the default GNOME skin Adwaita. This isn’t by coincidence; Moka makes use of some Adwaita interface elements so, for the theme to look as good as it can, be sure to have the gnome-themes-standard package installed.

Like Adwaita, Moka themes some applications with a ‘dark’ version. To enable the ‘dark’ version by default on all applications you will need to use the GNOME Tweak Tool.

Openbox and XFCE versions of the theme are in the works, as is backporting the theme to support GTK 3.4.

For more information on the theme and full instructions on how to install it (including through a PPA) head over to GNOME-Look:

Moka GTK Theme on

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