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Give your Ubuntu desktop a stunning new look with GTK themes, free icon packs, Conky, visual customisation tools, rad wallpapers and more – all of which you’ll find badged with this tag.

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Orta theme updates with new tab styles, global menu support & more

The popular Orta GTK+ theme has been updated with new tab styles, formal global menu support, improved Metacity buttons and other miscellaneous changes.

6 December 2010
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Longhorn Linux Transformation pack

Mac OS X transformation pack, Windows XP transformations packs, Windows 7 transformation packs and I'm pretty sure there's a BeOS transformation pack floating around somewhere, too - but what about the OS that never was: Windows Longhorn?

2 December 2010

Faenza Cairo-Clock theme

Faenza fans - adds even more squares to your desktop with this Faenza theme for Cario-Clock, which is based on the actual Faenza clock icon.

29 November 2010
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Hope GTK theme gives your desktop a wintery chill

'Hope' GTK+ theme gives your desktop a cold, wintery feel with its blue highlights and steely gradients. Although Hope draws together elements from Ambiance, elementary and Impression GTK+ themes it stands a unique them in its own right. Download link and more info inside.

28 November 2010
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Elementary theme for Filezilla

Open-source FTP tool FileZilla is fantastic at what it does - but if you're an elementary fan you'll have noticed that it looks a little lame when doing it.

26 November 2010
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Deep theme for DockbarX

Fans of dockless dark desktops (really aiming for a niche there) looking to add some indented style to their desktop should check out 'Deep' - a new theme for DockBarX.

25 November 2010
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7like GNoMenu theme: Ambiance meets windows

Whilst I'm not traditionally a GnoMenu fan even I can't help but drool over ~Blitz-Bomb's 7Like theme for it. Fusing elements of Ambiance with well-worn aspects of Windows 7's start menu the theme has a whole lot to like in it.

24 November 2010
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Lucidity theme for GNOME adds pastel elegance to the desktop

A new release of everyone's favourite minimalist grey theme Lucidity brings some nice fixes and four different flavours.

23 November 2010
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2 CoverGloobus themes with seekbar support

CoverGlooubs 1.7 brought with it the much longed for 'Seekbar' feature. Whilst one of the default themes takes advantage of it the rest don't - so here's a couple that do.

23 November 2010
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‘Orta’ theme guide – Firefox, Docky, AWN, Chrome

'Orta' is the 'theme' of the moment; a light, milky white theme that has been carefully designed to make every part of your desktop feel 'just right'.

22 November 2010
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Easily transform Ubuntu into mac os x with macbuntu – now better than ever!

Get the look of OS X in Ubuntu using the 'Macbuntu' transformation pack.

17 November 2010
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CoverGloobus adds timer, progress bar support

Covergloobus fans rejoice - time counter and track-seeking has been implemented into the popular desktop coverart n' controller. I smell a new release brewing ;)

15 November 2010