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Do you use the stunning ARC GTK theme? If so you’ll be stoked to know there is now an official Firefox theme to use along with it.

Reader Blaž Mežnaršič e-mail us about the release of theme, saying:

“A while back you featured Arc, a GTK+ theme I really liked and still use. [The designer of the Arc theme] recently released a theme for Firefox which makes it integrate nicely with the rest of your desktop.”

In the screenshot below you can see just how nicely the Arc Firefox theme matches the GTK theme, though do note that I am using the Htitle add-on to hide the title bar.


The theme is compatible with Firefox 40 or later and should be used with the Arc GTK theme.

Install The Arc Firefox Theme

Unlike regular Firefox theme Arc isn’t available from the Mozilla add-ons repository. Don’t panic: themes for Arc, Arc Dark and Arc Darker are available from Github in easy-to-install .xpi format.

To download, point your browser at the link below:

Download the latest Arc Firefox Theme

Drag-and-drop the relevant .xpi file(s) into the Firefox window. Firefox will prompt you to install.

Install The Arc GTK Theme

ARC Gtk Theme
Translucency in GTK3 Header Bars

If you have yet to try the Arc GTK theme (and want to) you’ll need to be double-check you’re running Ubuntu 15.04 or later. Also note that some of the transparency effects do not render under Unity.

Provisos out of the way, dally on over to the site hidden behind the button below to grab a .deb installer of the latest theme release (click ‘ubuntu’ > ‘Grab binary packages directly’):

Download Arc GTK Theme for Ubuntu 15.04 +

Thanks Blaz for the tip! 

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