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[How to] Use Ubuntu’s Revamped Theme in Ubuntu 12.04

A revamped version of Ubuntu's default GTK theme landed in Ubuntu 12.10 yesterday. If you're not running Ubuntu 12.10 you may be feeling left out. But you don't need to be as the theme and its engine can be used in Ubuntu 12.04 - and here's how.

9 August 2012
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New Icon Theme Lands in Lubuntu 12.10

A refreshed icon theme has landed in Lubuntu 12.10. The set, named 'Box', remains in keeping with the elementary-based icon theme Lubuntu has used as default in previous releases.

3 August 2012

‘Ambiance Squared’ Frees Your Apps from Jagged Window Borders

"Arrrgh" cried the perfectionist Ubuntu user when looking at his screen, "My window borders look awful!" If you are using Ubuntu's default Ambiance theme then you, like the exaggerated exmaple user above, have jagged window corners on your windows. It's not a big deal for most (cue comments of 'I never noticed") but for others it... well it irks....

27 July 2012
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‘Unity Glass’ Offers Refined New Look for the Unity Launcher

Unity Glass is a third-party "tweak" for Unity's Launcher tiles that can add a refined new look to your desktop. It replaces the default 'square' image tiles using by Unity with rounder versions that are in keeping with the shape of the BFB.

13 July 2012
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‘Dark Ambiance’ Reintroduces Dark Touches to Ubuntu’s Default Theme

Ubuntu introduced a minor ew theme change for 12.04 - that of making right-click menus inherit the dominant tone of the 'parent' window.

24 June 2012
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‘Chameleonic Ambiance’ Script Matches GTK Theme to Your Wallpaper

Unity's 'chameleonic' colour matching feature is great at giving the Ubuntu desktop to give your desktop a subtle but consistent feel. It takes the 'average' colour of your desktop wallpaper and uses this to 'tint' the Unity dash, launcher and notification bubbles. But what if it went a bit further and used this colour in the default GTK theme? That 'What if' has now been answered by developer David Callé.

24 May 2012

[How To] Revert to Dark Menus for Ambiance Theme in Ubuntu 12.04

Have you noticed that Ubuntu's default Ambiance theme displays the majority of its menus in a 'light' colour, despite the rest of theme being 'dark'?

29 April 2012

Malys GTK Theme Adds A Splash of Color to Ubuntu

You don't need to look hard to find extra themes for use in Ubuntu - but few look like this particular one. In fact it's so different to most theme's we've covered here on OMG! Ubuntu! that I'm not sure whether I actually like it for how it looks or solely for its novelty.

19 April 2012

Smarten Up Your Desktop With This Conky & Wallpaper Combo

The look of people's desktops are a lot like sandwiches. Some are plain and simple, others decorated with all manner of awesome-sauce. But both types can get stale if left alone for too long. If you feel that your own desktop could do with freshening up then the following Conky and wallpaper pairing might just prove to be a good starting point

3 April 2012
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[How To] Easily Skin Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop

The Unity Launcher and Panel can't be themed directly - not without recreating and then replacing each of the tiny .png files it uses - but the illusion of a themed top-panel and Unity launcher can be created quickly and easily by way of special custom wallpapers. Click on in to learn more.

28 March 2012
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FS Icon Theme for Ubuntu Get Expanded

FS Icons - a glossy icon set inspired by an unused peice of Ubuntu branding - has been updated with a wider selection of icons and refreshed folders.

19 March 2012
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3 Themes for Linux Dock ‘Plank’

It may be yet to see a stable release but that hasn’t stopped many folks from (get ready for pirate punnery) from ‘walking the plank‘ of instability by using it. What am I jabbering about? […]

19 March 2012