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The fastest way to give your desktop a fresh feeling is by changing GTK theme, icon set or loading up on desktop bling with Conky, Covergloobus and company.

All great ways to give a dull desktop a distinctive makeover but also drastic. But do you know what else can really affect the way your computer looks?

The choice of font.

Yep, the right font alongside the right GTK theme and set against a great desktop wallpaper really can enhance the look and feel of your PC.

Like getting a hand-written letter in a really fancy writing – the choice of desktop font can help make a big statement about your personality and your computer’s.

Ubuntu uses a font called Ubuntu (genius). It’s been the default desktop font since Ubuntu 10.10. Many Ubuntu flavors also use it as their default system font.

But maybe you don’t like it, want something more legible, less rounded, or better suited to your personality. No worries.

How To Change Ubuntu Font

It’s super easy to change font on Ubuntu using the Unity Tweak Tool app, which is available to install for free from the Ubuntu Software Center.

unity tweak tool fonts

If you don’t already have Unity Tweak on your computer you can install it by clicking this button (on Ubuntu 15.10 and below):

Install Unity Tweak Tool from Ubuntu Software Center

Once installed you can start to tweak the typography!

1. Open Unity Tweak Tool and go to the ‘Appearance‘ section.

2. Click on the ‘Fonts‘ icon (or the fonts tab if elsewhere in the app)

3. Choose a new font for ‘Default font‘ by clicking the font field and selecting an alternative using the font picker. When you find a font you like you can adjust the font size to suit your tastes. Then, when done, click ‘Select’ to apply the change!

unity tweak tool font picker

If needed, repeat the same steps to pick a new ‘Window Title Font‘.

You shouldn’t need to change the default ‘document font’ and ‘monospace font’ unless you really wish to do so. The former applies your chosen font to a select set of applications. The latter option tweaks the font used in command line applications like GNOME Terminal.

How To Reset Ubuntu Fonts

To undo any changes you make you can press the ‘Restore Defaults’ button. This will change all default, document and window titles fonts back to Ubuntu’s default settings.

resetting font settings on ubuntu

What desktop font do you use on your Linux desktop? Let us know in the comments below.

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