arc icon theme

A brand new icon theme for Linux desktops is on the scene — and it’s made by ~horst3180 of Arc GTK+ fame.

Yes, one of the most popular themes for Linux desktops is finally getting an official icon theme to use alongside it.

The Arc icon pack makes heavy use of simple, clean colours, thin crisp lines and follows the trend for ‘flat’ design, just like the GTK theme. The use of obvious and straight-forward glyphs, symbols and metaphors lends the theme a clear, modern aesthetic.

Here’s a taster of the icon set:

arc icon set for linux desktops

It’s still very early days for the icon set, so if you plan on trying it out do not expect to find a root-and-branch makeover.

This initial release is made up of mostly folder icons, file mime types and symbolic and action glyphs for the apps and the system interface.

The theme inherits missing icons and app icons from Moka — assuming you have it installed. If you don’t have the Moka icon set then the Arc icon theme will fallback to the standard GNOME icons (which results in a less-than-impressive appearance).

You can take it for a spin yourself. You’ll find the initial release available to download from the Github page linked below:

Arc Icon Theme on Github

Extract the .zip archive. Inside you’ll find a folder called ‘Arc’. Move this folder to ~/.icons (or /usr/share/icons if you want it available globally). To set the icon theme you will need to use an app like Unity Tweak Tool.

Big thanks to Blaž

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