Android Ice-Cream Sandwich is the talk of the tech-press today – and rightly so.

The next iteration of Google’s Android operating system boasts not only some wonderful new features, but ships with a renewed emphasis on design and user-interaction.

As part of this ‘bettering’ of user-experience in Android a new, modern font called ‘Roboto’ was created in-house by Google.

Roboto font in use on Android 4.0

ThisIsMyNext‘s Joshua Topolsky, in his sit-down with Matias Duarte, Android’s user-interaction designer, was able to find out more on the new typeface: –

“It’s clean and modern, but not overly futuristic — not a science fiction font. Matias says that it’s been designed for “high resolution mobile displays” as “a complete typeface, in a great many more varieties than have existed for Android before.”‘


It should be noted that Roboto has not been designed specifically for use on the regular ol’ computer desktop but, much like Google’s ‘Droid’ fonts, looks pretty nice in use (although, in my honest opinion, don’t look quite as good as Ubuntu’s own default font).

The font, in four weights – regular, italic, bold and bold italic – can be nabbed from

To set Roboto as your font in Ubuntu 11.10 you will need to install the ‘GNOME Tweak tool’ via the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Android 4.0 image via Engadget

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