Voafone AppSelect Store Vodafone has chosen to stock the Ubuntu One Files app in their custom Android app store ”Vodafone AppSelect“.

The app store, which comes pre-loaded on Vodafone-branded Android mobiles across Europe, provides a range of applications that have gone through Vodafone’s thorough app approval process. This process includes QA testing, an assessment of ‘value delivered by the application’, provision of approved graphical assets, and more.

Other than a slightly logo there should be no significant difference between theAppSelect and Android Market versions of the application.

Ubuntu One Files gives on-the-go access to music, photos, files and folders stored in your Ubuntu One cloud. In-app options for publishing, renaming and downloading files are provided, as is support for the auto-uploading of photos taken.

South-African company Vodacom, part owned by Vodafone, launched the Ubuntu WebBook last year.

Ubuntu One Files is available to download now from the Vodafone AppSelect store in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

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