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bing wallpaper gnome extension

Bing Wallpaper Extension for GNOME Shell Desktops

A GNOME Extension that automatically changes your desktop background to the Bing image of the day each and every day — an ideal add-on for photography fans.

24 July 2017
GNOME 3.26 await day background

This is the GNOME 3.26 Default Wallpaper

Holy geometric structure, batman! The new GNOME 3.26 wallpaper is up on GNOME Git — and it's a bit of a departure from what's gone before.

4 July 2017

I’m In Love With the Opera 46 Beta Wallpapers

The latest beta release of Opera, the web browser, makes a striking set of colourful custom wallpapers available to its users. Provided as extensions, the backgrounds are applied to the speed dial and other elements of the browser […]

24 May 2017
zen wallpaper

Need a New Wallpaper? Fedora 26 Has You Covered!

Fedora 26 will ship with a stunning set of community-contributed wallpapers, and as ever, the standard of entries in the contest is incredibly high.

28 April 2017
GNOME Slideshow Wallpaper Extension Hero

Desk Changer is a Wallpaper Slideshow Extension for GNOME

If you're looking for a GNOME wallpaper slideshow extension check out Desk Changer. It can change wallpaper automatically, at a set interval.

25 April 2017
After: the ~/Pictures/Wallpaper directory is used

The Way GNOME Handles Wallpapers Really Annoys Me

I love GNOME Shell — and no, not just because I’ve little choice now that is Ubuntu’s default desktop! But the more I use GNOME the more I learn that the desktop environment, like every other, has its own share of […]

25 April 2017

This App Sets National Geographic Photo of the Day As Your Desktop Wallpaper

If you're looking for an easy way to set the National Geographic photo of the day as your desktop wallpaper on Ubuntu look no further than this desktop app.

3 April 2017
A question mark in a circle

How Often Do You Change Your Desktop Wallpaper? [Poll]

Someone recently told me that I change my desktop wallpaper on Linux far too often, which made me curious about other people's habits.

3 March 2017

This is the Ubuntu 17.04 Default Wallpaper

The Ubuntu 17.04 default wallpaper has been revealed — but you may need to be a keen spot-the-difference enthusiast to notice much of a difference…

28 February 2017
sands of time desktop wallpaper

Komorebi is an Animated/Parallax Wallpaper App for Ubuntu (Updated)

Looking for parallax wallpaper, animated wallpapers, or a cute clock wallpaper app for Ubuntu — why not combine them all in one stunning background?

6 February 2017
kde plasma 5.9 wallpaper

Where To Download The (Gorgeous) KDE Plasma 5.9 Wallpaper

Today’s release of Plasma 5.9, the latest stable release of the Linux desktop environment created by KDE, brings with a bunch of welcome changes and new features. Among them is a shiny new wallpaper — and […]

1 February 2017

This Script Sets Wallpapers from Imgur As Your Desktop Background

Pyckground is a simple python script that can fetch a new desktop background on the Cinnamon desktop from any Imgur gallery you want. I came across it while doing a bit of background on the Bit Day wallpaper pack, and […]

4 December 2016