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The New Ubuntu 15.04 Default Wallpaper Is Here

The Ubuntu 15.04 default wallpaper has been revealed. It once again uses origami folds over a purple gradient but has a distinct feel, too.

11 March 2015

Meet the 12 Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpaper Contest Winners

Get ready to glance over a group of images you'll be seeing a whole lot more of in the coming months. Yes, the winners of the Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpaper contest have been unveiled.

9 September 2014

Ubuntu Wallpaper Contest Closes, These Are Our 8 Faves

Put your lens caps on, your stylus down, unplug your Wacom tablets and step away from the GIMP: the Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpaper Contest is now over.

29 August 2014

Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpaper Contest Now Open for Entries

Wacom tablets & lenses at the ready: the Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpaper contest is open for entries — but you only have until August 29 to take part.

8 August 2014

Get Snapping: Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 Wallpaper Contest Now Open

The keen photographers, illustrators and graphics ninjas amongst you have the chance to help shape the look and feel of Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 — but only for the next few weeks.

27 July 2014

Beautiful: Xubuntu 14.04 Updates Default Wallpaper

You're looking at the newly updated default wallpaper for Xubuntu 14.04 LTS — and it's a thing of beauty, no?

4 April 2014

That’s Better: Ubuntu 14.04 Suru Wallpaper Fixes Alignment Issue

A tweaked version of the new 'Suru' wallpaper in Ubuntu 14.04 is on the way, just days after it first arrived on the desktop.

17 March 2014

Extra Photo Added to Ubuntu 14.04 Community Wallpaper Pack

An extra image has been added to the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Community Wallpaper pack.

14 March 2014

Ubuntu 14.04 Default Wallpaper Now Available to Download

The new Ubuntu 14.04 LTS default wallpaper is available to download in full hi-res, 2560 × 1600 resolution glory.

12 March 2014

This Is The New Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Default Wallpaper

With the Ubuntu Wallpaper contest wound up and the winners due to be announced shortly, the other part of the wallpaper puzzle, the default, has been revealed.

10 March 2014

Five of the Best Ubuntu 14.04 Wallpaper Contest Entries

With less than one week to go until its deadline, the Ubuntu 14.04 wallpaper contest pool is overflowing with stunning submissions, all vying for a place on the default Ubuntu install image.

28 February 2014

Xubuntu Reveals 14.04 Wallpaper Contest Winners

Xubuntu has revealed the winning community wallpapers that will be included in its upcoming 14.04 release.

29 January 2014