The latest beta release of Opera, the web browser, makes a striking set of colourful custom wallpapers available to its users.

Provided as extensions, the backgrounds are applied to the speed dial and other elements of the browser chrome with its new Opera ‘reborn’ UI.

“To complement Opera’s new look and feel, we have partnered with top industry artists Umberto Daina and Feridun Akgüngör to create a custom set of fresh, cool backgrounds,” Opera’s Maciej Kocemba writes in a blog post.

I don’t use Opera (I’m content with Chrome and Firefox) but I have to admit that some of these images are tempting me to switch! At the very least they’re far too nice to keep stuck in a browser.

Sadly you can’t download these Opera wallpapers easily. The images are copyright of Opera and designed for use inside the browser. You’re not allowed to distribute them to other users, or download them as standard images for use as desktop wallpapers,

But if you like a particular image, and do want to use it as a background, you can download the extension file, unzip it, and set the image inside as your desktop wallpaper.

Naturally if you’re doing this you ought to give Opera 46 Beta a whirl too. You’ll find Linux downloads of the the latest release available below.

Download Opera 46 (Beta) for Ubuntu

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