Bing may not be the world’s most best search engine but it is my go-to resource when I need a new desktop wallpaper.

Microsoft’s search engine shows a different high-quality background image each and every day. The images tend to feature a well-known place or landmark, encompass an impressive or unique vista in wide shot, or capture super cute wildlife doing super cute wildlife-y things out in the wild.

Setting the Bing background as desktop wallpaper isn’t something I’m alone in doing. I’ve covered a lot of Bing wallpaper changer scripts, apps, and doo-dahs over the years.

While Ubuntu’s switch to GNOME doesn’t render all of those methods redundant it does unlock some additional opportunities (like unified lock screen and desktop background) — something that the GNOME extensions framework dramatically simplifies.

The GNOME extension linked to below will make the Bing image of the day your desktop wallpaper, updating each and every day. No scripts, no cron jobs, and no fuss; just install, set, and forget.

Bing Wallpaper Changer GNOME Extension

Download Wallpaper
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