bing desktop wallpaper changer script

I’m curious about to how often you change your desktop wallpaper.

Why? Mainly because I’m nosey, but also because a friend recently pointed out that I always have a different desktop wallpaper when they see me using my laptop.

It’s true: I do switch desktop background regularly, as most of the screenshots on this site will show!

But am I alone in chopping and changing and changing my background image so frequently?


A lazy barb often chicken at me/this site is that we seem to only post about wallpapers. That’s (demonstrably) not true, and we write about wallpapers far less frequently than our detractors like to claim.

But yes, I do write about wallpapers from time to time.

Usually when I feature a wallpaper there is a specific point or feature behind it, be it as default background to the world’s most instantly recognisable Linux distro, or because it does something unique, e.g., sets weather conditions as your desktop background, changes with the time of the day, or provides live, animated backdrops to an otherwise static desktop.

Apps like Wallch and Variety (not to mention scripts like the ‘set Bing image of the day as wallpaper‘ one we featured last year) make it super easy to set your desktop wallpaper to change frequently, automatically, with images pulled in from various sources.

So for this weeks poll I want to find out if i’m just a bit weird-slash-obsessed with desktop backgrounds, or if I’m at least in good company.

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