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8bit day wallpaper

This Cool Retro Desktop Wallpaper Changes Throughout The Day (Updated)

Do you want a dynamic desktop wallpaper that changes throughout the day and looks like the sort of environment you’d be able to catch Pokemon in? If so, check out Bit Day wallpapers. Created by Redditor user […]

4 December 2016

Awwh, This Linux Wallpaper is Adorable

It's a desktop wallpaper. With a penguin. Using a terminal. In the dark. And it's adorable.

26 October 2016

Need a New Wallpaper? Fedora 25 Has You Covered

I change my wallpaper on a regular basis. But this task often involves spending several hours scouring the ass-end of the internet in an attempt to find something that’s a) decent and b) decently high-res to use. If you’re in […]

25 October 2016

Indulge Your Nostalgia With This Ubuntu Timeline Wallpaper

It's Ubuntu 16.10 release week, so why not indulge your nostalgia for releases past by making this Ubuntu timeline wallpaper your desktop background?

11 October 2016

An Easy Way To Set the Bing Image of the Day As Your Linux Wallpaper

This app offers an easy to get the Bing image of the day as your Linux desktop wallpaper, automatically, no input required.

22 September 2016

Meet The New Default Wallpaper of Ubuntu 16.10

The default wallpaper of Ubuntu 16.10 has been revealed, but does it break with tradition? Find out inside, plus download a high-resolution copy for your desktop.

8 September 2016
ubuntu wallpaper contest

Ubuntu 16.10 Wallpaper Contest Is Now Open For Entries

Doors have opened on the Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper contest, a bi-annual chance for users to get their artwork shipped as part of Ubuntu.

29 August 2016

This App Sets the Bing Image of the Day as the Wallpaper on Linux

Bing — no booing, folks — isn’t the web’s best search engine, but there’s no denying that it has a striking visual presence. And this is largely down to its use of stunning high-resolution imagery as its background — […]

4 August 2016
Lubuntu 12.04 PPC on an iBook G4

This is Lubuntu 16.10’s New Default Wallpaper

The default wallpaper of Lubuntu 16.10 — yes, that's Lubuntu, with an 'l' — has been unveiled — but will fans of the lightweight Ubuntu spin like it?

28 July 2016
real earth live wallpaper for Linux

Set a Real Time Photo of Earth as Your Linux Desktop Wallpaper

Bored of looking at the same desktop background? Why not try this.

26 July 2016

WeatherDesk Sets Your Desktop Background To Current Weather

This simple app automatically sets your Ubuntu desktop wallpaper to an image matching the current weather conditions in your location.

16 May 2016

Xubuntu’s Xenial Wallpapers Are Exceptionally Beautiful

Xubuntu has announced the winners of its community wallpaper contest — and they're all stunning.

20 April 2016