The image you see above this sentence is the new default wallpaper for KDE Plasma 5.11, the next major stable release of the Plasma desktop.

KDE developer and designer Ken Vermette, who has crafted all of the Plasma desktops’s recent default backgrounds using open-source tools, revealed the new design in a post on his blog.

“This wallpaper is named “Opal”, specifically after wood opal resulting from when water carrying mineral deposits will petrify wood it runs across. Wood opal is pretty special stuff, and often it can often look straight out of a fairy tale,” Ken writes in a blog post.

Like what you see? Well, since this is literally just a wallpaper you don’t need to swap out your entire desktop environment to get it.

You can download a high-resolution copy of the Opal wallpaper in resolutions up to 3840×2160 from this Git commit.

If that’s too much hassle (which, tbh, it is) skip on over to the KDE Store and download it there. Once you have it you can set it using your preferred desktop wallpaper app/method.

KDE Plasma 5.11 Wallpaper on the KDE Store

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