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Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 Wallpaper Contest Kicks Off

Macro lenses at the ready: Ubuntu GNOME is on the hunt for a new set of community-contributed wallpapers to feature in its forthcoming release.

21 January 2014

Xubuntu Looks To Community for 14.04 Wallpaper Set

Xubuntu are looking to the community to help source a set of wallpapers for the upcoming release of 14.04 LTS.

15 November 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Default Wallpaper Revealed

The default wallpaper for Ubuntu 13.10 has been revealed - but don't expect too dramatic a change...

20 September 2013

You Can Help Choose Lubuntu 13.10’s New Wallpaper Set

Which of the following five wallpapers should ship with Lubuntu 13.10 later this year? That, dear reader, is entirely up to you...

29 August 2013

18 New Wallpapers Chosen for Ubuntu 13.10 (Updated)

The winning wallpapers of Ubuntu 13.10's wallpaper contest have been revealed - and, as always, there are some beautiful choices included.

23 August 2013

Our Favourite Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper Entries

Here's a selection of our favourite entries to the Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper Contest. The competition closes for submissions tomorrow (Aug 16).

15 August 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper Contest Kicks Off

The Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper Contest has opened for entries, giving enthusiast photographers the chance of exposure to millions of people.

12 July 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 Winning Wallpapers Revealed

The winning wallpapers from Ubuntu's bi-annual wallpaper contest have been announced.

19 March 2013

Our Favourite 13.04 Wallpaper Contest Entries So Far

With just over two weeks left for photographers, illustrators and other arty-folks to enter the Ubuntu 13.04 Wallpaper Contest we thought now would be a good time to take a gander at the stunning work already submitted.

16 February 2013

New Options Added to ‘Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper’ for Android

Minor customisation options have been added to Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper - an Android app that apes the look of the Ubuntu mobile lock screen.

27 January 2013

Add Some Ubuntu Phone Style to Android With This Live Wallpaper

Although it will be a month or so before we can get our hands on an image of the Ubuntu Phone, Android developers have already been making apps using design elements from it...

21 January 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 Default Wallpaper Revealed

Ubuntu 13.04 has gotten it's new default wallpaper - some 5-ish months ahead of schedule! The design won't shock the socks off anyone; it's the same 'subtle evolution' to the design first introduced in Ubuntu 10.04 - but hey, familiarity can be cool, too.

21 November 2012