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Send E-Mail Anonymously in Ubuntu with ‘AnonMail’

Sending e-mails anonymously isn't something most of us need to - or should - do. But there are times when something needs sending sans social awkwardness, or free from repercussion. Ubuntu app 'AnonMail' let's you do just that.

21 October 2012

Cleopix: A Simple Screenshot Tool for Ubuntu

Cleopix is a new screenshot app available for Ubuntu users to install from the Ubuntu Software Center. But is it any good? We take a look...

9 September 2012
Gazelle Professional Keyboard

The System76 Gazelle Professional: Just How Good Is It? [Review]

The Gazelle Professional is the flagship laptop from Ubuntu computer maker's System76. I've spent the last month testing it, having blindly invested a thousand pounds into a finely tuned version of the laptop after hearing great comments about it. Was it worth the money? Read on to see...

8 September 2012
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Automate Ubuntu With Cuttlefish

A pretty clever guy called Newton once said, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." The same is now true for Ubuntu with the use of Cuttlefish.

6 September 2012

Bored? Try Picsaw – a ‘Jigsaw’ Game for Ubuntu

Does piecing together a picture of yourself sound like a fun way to waste some time? Yes? Then check out Picsaw - a Jigsaw style game for Ubuntu.

7 August 2012
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Is LightRead the Best RSS App for Ubuntu? We Go Hands On…

Of all of the Ubuntu App Showdown apps that we wrote about over the last three weeks, none has been as hotly anticipated as Google Reader app 'LightRead'. Here's a hands-on look at what it can do, what it can't, and how you can get it.

9 July 2012
Lemur Ultra Front

Hands On With The System76 ‘Lemur Ultra’ Ubuntu Laptop

When it comes to laptops that solely ship Ubuntu as an Operating System one of the most well known names is System76. During the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland, CA a few weeks back I had an opportunity to chat over lunch with System76 CEO, Carl Richell about the exciting products they are working on at their Headquarters in Colorado. Carl invited me to check out one of their current laptop offerings the Lemur Ultra which I spent some time with here in the labs.

2 June 2012
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Mediafire Jump on Cloud Storage Bandwagon, Offer Linux Uploader

How does free, unlimited cloud storage sound? Well former file-hosting service MediaFire are offering just that, as they seek to reposition themselves as a key player in the ‘cloud storage’ market. When compared to the […]

30 April 2012

Ubuntu 10.04 – 12.04 Upgrade – How Well Does it Go?

In the two-short years between Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04 an entire groundswell has occurred on the Ubuntu desktop, and in the wider development landscape in general. So just well does a direct upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 to Ubuntu 12.04 go?

26 April 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Released, Available to Download Now

After six months of development the latest version of Ubuntu has been released. Head on inside for the low-down on what's new - complete with pictures, video and download link.

26 April 2012
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First Novel Hits Ubuntu Software Center

The first novel has gone on sale in the Ubuntu Software Center. 'ZHackers: Volume One' tells the story of three geeks facing a Zombie apocalypse with nothing to defend themselves other than their wits. Author, David Jordan, has chosen to publish the title without DRM and license it under a Creative Commons license.

6 April 2012

CoreBreach – The Best Racing Game on Ubuntu?

I am rubbish at racing games. Pole position in awfulness. I can just about manage a middling existence on Mario Kart, but that's about it. So quite how I came to not only be addicted to a proper sci-fi themed racing game, but become rather good at it is still a mystery to me. The game? CoreBreach.

23 February 2012